Sunday Share the Love: Upload photos of your weekend thrifting finds now — we wanna see!

There were two estate sales here this weekend, and I found lots of great stuff. Above: Lovely oriental figurines, my latest little passion, $5. My other big find: Eight sealed rolls of 1951 wallpaper for $10. I am hoarding it for my own someday pink bathroom. NEW FEATURE on the blog: Upload your own weekend thrifting finds right now — from estate sales, tag sales, thrift stores, granny’s attic, the dumpster, the sidewalk, ebay, etsy, craigslist or the forum…. Have some more fun and try for some artsy-fartsy photos and show off your treasures to others who weren’t so weekend fortunate to be blessed by the retro decorating gods 🙂 :

[ngg_uploader id=91]


All terms of use apply. CLICK ON the first thumbnail to start the show, then toggle from slide to slide using the arrows below each image.:


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  1. nina462 says

    Love the items–sorry I couldn’t participate. I was helping my cousin move from her 1947 house…..they have lived in the house since 1947—lot’s & lots of vintage stuff is now in my garage!! (Her family never threw anything away!)
    I got a plaid metal picnic basket that matches my thermos (amongst a boat load of other items). We will be having an estate sale next month –

  2. tulsatammy says

    Pam, I have the presidental figures just like these in a box in a closet. Although I have probably lost a few through the years, I had them through Nixon and I think my mom bought them in 1969.

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