Vintage Amerock: NOS Bonaventure, Carriage House & Monterey

This ebay seller in Arkansas claims to have scored a bundle of NOS Amerock from the estate of a salesman. These pieces from the Bonaventure, Carriage House & Monterey lines are all oh-so-retro, in a 70s kind of way…like, very Case de la Torquemada… But, the more I do this blog, the more I get into love love lovin’ it all. I think my new dream is to own a house that is so wrecked that I can transform the entire inside into a “hippie house” with all kinds of wild, wacky and outrageous features and finishes. It would include these, for sure. Disclosure: Anything that you buy — from these ebay carousels or otherwise – when you click into ebay via any link on my site nets me a teensy commission; thanks for your support.


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  1. Ed Gilbert says

    Hello: I am wanting to purchase key entry and passage door Amerock Carriage House collection antique brass door harware to replace what I already have throughout my house but just my luck is it discontinued and cant fint it locally(Thunder bay,Ontario,Canada).I see you mention someone has some NOS Amerock.How can I contact him? Do you have an email address for him?

    Regards…Ed Gilbert

  2. Rick S says

    I liked Amerock Carriage House when I was in high school (mid-late 70″s) and now as an “old” person am living in a circa 1978 “colonial” that it was original hardware. Most of the main floor is antique brass CH and kitchen was fruitwood finished wood. Since the kitchen outlet/switchplates were showing wear we were able to buy new or like new to match rest of main floor. We also found new old stock hinges and door and drawer hardware to replace all of kitchen and use best of original hardware to replace some of the worn half bath and pewter color hardware in laundryroom. It seems funny to say we moved in and replaced all the kitchen hardware but replaced it with exactly the same thing. We like the quality materials former owners used and how homey the house feels. Gives us a hug everytime we come home.

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