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Avoiding many other critical tasks stacking up on my never-ending-gobstopper to-do list, I poked around yesterday looking for New-Old-Stock beautifulness. If I only had a warehouse, a swiss bank account and personal chef and trainer so’s I could fit into any of these women’s clothes.  First up: Vintage embroidered go go boots from retrothreadz. I had lace-up books like this growing up, but mine were that kind of shiny black crushed-up vinyl. I wore them to death..

1960s Vintage NOS Bali bikini and coverup from ekonkar8

1970s vintage men’s wild slacks, 31-33, from lilthedog. Click on through for 11 more fun finds…

Pucci-inspired nightgown and robe, from stilettogirl

1960s silk dress with matching lined coat from stiletto girl (not NOS)

Danish Modern cocktail pick set from Vintage Trader

Vintage cats eye eyeglass frames from Vintage50sEyewear

NOS JCP 1970s hippie peasant dress from stilettogirl

Vintage babydoll dress from stilettogirl

Cute polkadot dress from stilettogirl

Three vintage coppertone File-a-Way safety boxes from stilettogirl

Vintage “thirst aid” kit from stilettogirl

Men’s cruisewear shirt made by Charles of Palm Desert, from stilettogirl (not NOS)

Tennis Anyone two-piece dress & short set from stilettogirl (not NOS, I think). Hmmm, I can fit in this….


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  1. Amy Hill says

    I love the boots! Too bad they are a size 6. With my big old feet, only the box would fit!

    I see vintage clothes at the thrist store in good condition sometimes, but I’m not so sure about actually wearing them out in public. How many here sometimes wear 30-40 year old stuff?

    • says

      Amy! Amy! Amy! if you love it and it happens to be old? wear it!! I love wearing my vintage finds. It becomes a style all your own. No one else will have it, and you’ll look and feel ultra good. But, if you’re self-conscious with it on….you’ll be very uncomfortable and that’s what will shine through. But, there are so many styles to choose from, it’s just making pieces your own. AND you can mix them with more modern clothing or you can adjust the height, width, etc. so that it compliments your body.

      I am particularly fond of dresses and especially — gowns! I feel great in them, no one wears them any more, and I always get complimented. (I wear them out for dinner) I have always loved maxi dresses and skirts, even when I was 10, wore them then, wear them now, any part of the day.

      So, next time, buy yourself a piece your eyeing and try it out…it may just work for you and it will be the beginning of your collection.

  2. says

    Every time you go poking around in ebay I end up looking, drooling and almost spending money! I usually get outbid 😉

    Great finds! I had the vinyl crinkly boots in red! Looked great with a plaid maxi skirt and turtleneck sweater. I was in the 6th grade!

  3. RetroSandie says

    I simply adore those boots!!!! Boy, if I had the $$ lying around and could fit in a 6, I’d snap them up in a hurry! And yes, would wear them with pride!!! (I’ve always loved different stuff, anyway LOL) Back in the late 60’s in high school, we had a Dean of Women! and she would check the girls to make sure our skirts weren’t TOO short (we’d unroll the waist band then roll it up later when she wasn’t around LOL). Once I wore a long granny skirt and got sent home to change it!!!! They were so tough with the clothing code then. So different from today. It’s fun to see all that neat stuff-the cute babydoll, the matchy dress/coat-oh the memories…ahhhhh. 🙂

    • says

      Yep, I got sent home in 8th grade for wearing black go-go boots and a dress that was apparently “too short” (at barely over 3″ above the knees). Good times.

  4. Annie B. says

    Thanks, Pam! These are fabulous items. I’m sure I had the “girl version” of those stripey pants back in 1969.

  5. says

    oh, I want the striped pants! my heart pitter-pattered most for those..although, the Pucci style night wear is definitely something I would wear!

    • pam kueber says

      Yup, denise — i can see you in this stuff for sure. And you are one of the few people I know who are trim enough they would fit!

      • says

        Too bad the Pucci inspired set is a petite. that’s one of the troubles I have with vintage…for my 5’9″ height, it seems everyone was shorter back then! LOL The dresses often come to above my ankles or the waist is about 3″ higher than where it’s supposed to be on me. Then there’s the trouble that for my slimness, I’m slightly broader, so if it fits otherwise, it’s too tight in the shoulders. But I have been lucky enough to have found a few fun pieces, and I just keep looking for the one’s that do fit. 🙂

  6. says

    Those glasses remind me of my own when I was 12. Only they were definitely NOT cool back then. That’s why I switched to contacts. Now I would love to have a pair of reading glasses just like those!

  7. m in minnesota says

    In 1971,I had some boots similar to this in brown leather ( no embroidery ) when I was in the 5th grade, but we used the term “Granny” boots. Go-Go boots were the pointed toe,white, pull-on boots with a short shaft (about mid calf) that we wore in the mid to late late 60’s those MOD mini length dresses…..The granny boots came out with the long length MAXI dresses and coats……cool ….so cool

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