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Activity on the Forum has been as busy as I can ever recall. 52PostnBeam continues to do an amazing job unearthing vintage metal kitchen cabinets for sale all over the U.S. And Scathing Jane is all over vintage bathroom fixtures. They, and actual sellers, also post collectible appliances that show up on craigslist (mostly.) Today… a little selection of what’s popped up on the Forum recently. Above: 52PnB posted this amazingly beauteous set of vintage Morton metal kitchen cabinets currently available in that mecca of all mid-mod, St. Louis. Many thanks, 52PnB, and Scathing Jane, for all the work you do. I really appreciate it.

52PnB has just found this mystery metal kitchen for sale on craigslist in Michigan. Can anyone identify it… this is a an all-new brand as far as we can tell and we’d like to demarcate it correctly on our list of vintage steel kitchen cabinet brands, which now numbers more than 70.

One-upping mere dumpster divers, Dr. Swanky spotted a house in the process of demolition and was able to scoop up this lovely mint green American Standard sink and more. Moreover, she posted the demo site on craigslist and reports that another mid-century home enthusiast swooped in the next day to collect more of what he could not take. Now that’s teamwork!

52PostnBeam discovered an all-new brand of metal kitchen cabinets: Berger. Champagne, please. Like anthropologists in the wild: Yet another new species has been discovered.

Oh – and another! Walters Mfg. Co., out of Darmont, Pennsylvania. “Steel fashioned 🙂 ” Way to go, 52PnB!

And, good things come in threes. Denise spotted this new brand — Peerless-Mayer kitchen cabinets — for sale at Urban Miners in Connecticut. I like that harvest gold colored oven, too.

Also in St. Louis, these rarely seen (by me, at least) Youngstown kitchen cabinets that have a metal box and reportedly, a laminate door made to look like wood. Laminate? I’ve never seen a Youngstown catalog that referred to this. Are they sure these are not the Youngstown Monterey line of kitchen cabinets? There was something that manufacturers did to wood back on those days that got it really glossy and hard – almost like laminate. But it wasn’t laminate, I don’t think. I am going to have to do a whole post about this…

These avocado colored Lyon kitchen cabinets came and went in Louisville. Both 52 PnB and I agreed: They were AWESOME. Oh, and only $200. The deals, they are OUT THERE, PEOPLE! The Forum is fun. You must register and maintain a password. Once you familiarize yourself with the layout, it’s pretty easy. And, if you just want to watch for “What’s New” you can do so via the prompts just under your Welcome at the top left. Get to the Forum anytime via my link on the Retro Renovation header, far right.


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  1. Janice Price says

    I am looking for a rolling cabinet made by Youngstown that is used as a center island that can be moved from one end of the kitchen to the other. Somewhere in my stash I have a picture of it, the picture shows the lady using a mixer and a cord running across the floor.

  2. cheryl Sieber says

    I have a full set of 1950s St. Charles Cabinets that I am going to be removing in the next month. They are white and blemish free, have built in pull outs, top of the line when installed. I live right outside of Detroit Michigan (Grosse Pointe), if interested I will provide pictures of them.

  3. Alesha says

    I just closed on a 1957 gem and it has the same wood look Youngstown cabinetry with the steel box that you have pictured above. They have the Youngstown label on the inside. Very unique!

  4. John says

    I am interested in buying a complete large kitchen cabinet set from you. How would I reach your company?

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