The amazing Electrolux estate sale + Upload your weekend finds for all to see

There are days I truly think my life is a Tim Burton movie, and Saturday was one of them. I headed into the weekend thinking that there were no estate sales. And I have to admit: I was relieved. I needed a break from the insane frenzy that I get into, when there is a potential houseful of mid-century treasures to be Unearthed.


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I had looked in the newspaper and on craigslist, and didn’t see any estate sales… but it turns out my paper’s software was wonky. Luckily, reader Beth mentioned the sale on the Retro Renovation Facebook Fan page… and on Saturday I headed over. Oh my gosh, it was the Estate Sale to End All Estate Sales. Thank you, Beth, Thank you, Beth, Thank you, Beth!

An innocuous looking ranch home… right next door to last year’s 1963 time capsule shown Here and Here and Here… Word at the sale was that the Mr. was a renowned Electrolux salesman back in the day… and the house was loaded with not only his and his wife’s stuff, but also, all these prizes he had won as a salesman and Never Opened. It was like a Mint-in-Box Warehouse with all the mailing labels from Electrolux HQ still on the boxes.

Including: A vintage Dishmaster, never used, which I nabbed. It was sitting on the kitchen counter (no box, though, and heavens know if I got all the parts…)… I was only 5 minutes into the sale… And I was already hyperventilating. Seriously, like, my head exploded. I ended up spending hours going through every corner of the house… Saturday and back again Sunday. My weekend was shot so I can only tantalize you with a few photos today. On Monday I will take more and share the goodies. Goodies galore – and I only arrived half-way through Day Two of the Sale. I heard a little about some of the stuff I missed on Day One, and I am working Very Hard to sublimate this information. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on my Precious.

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  1. says

    I’m not even a Dishmaster nut but this even makes MY insides swirl! look how pretty, oh, that chrome! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your treasures…I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it.

    The high we get from buying vintage must be like the high people get from cocaine…and the addiction!

  2. says

    I founds some great bathroom stuff at our city-wide garage sale last week, including a box full of NuTone Coronado TP Holders (no HallMack markings on the boxes, just NuTone) and a vintage HallMack towel ring in the form of a mermaid. I found a few other things as well, but these were my favorites!

  3. vintage_vantage says

    Those are great finds! Isn’t it odd that the vintage stuff that thrills us, is old news to some people. There is a large sunday market near me that will be starting up soon. Im ready to dig into some dust and find some treasures like yours!

  4. Annie B. says

    Oh, Pam. Your weekend sounds like my idea of Heaven (or Hell, depending on what you might’ve missed at the sale). I’m thrilled for you! My only vintage find of the weekend turned out to be a flea market collection of adorable ’50’s glasses for 25 cents each. Yeah, baby! I love ’em. Bought every one.

  5. says

    Pam, interested in giving that Dishmaster a good home? I lost out on 2 on eBay recently and it’s one of the last pieces to my kitchen puzzle. 🙂

    • pam kueber says

      Joe, I think I am going to install it in my kitchen… But, I’ll keep an eye out for you. The last one like this on ebay (that I saw) sold for $260 I think… Sounds expensive, but high-quality faucets available today certainly can cost that much!

        • pam kueber says

          Joe – also advisable re vintage faucets to get educated about lead (and other stuff?) used in their manufacture, and which could flow to your drinking water. Regulations regarding lead used in the manufacture of faucets continue to get stronger. I am not an expert – read up, connect with the experts on this issue. I will go slow re installing the Dishmaster in my house until I go out an learn more about this issue.

  6. Shane says

    I actually DID make a find! I picked up a pair of perfect chrome legs for that Cadillac of 1950s wall hung sinks, the Crane Drexel! YAY now I can get it installed! Oh and it came with a better, fancier med cabinet than what I have currently. All for 75 bucks 🙂

  7. Lauren says

    Man, if that isn’t the Cadillac of all faucets. I have the newer version, but boy it just doesn’t compare. You really did score. If you had gotten that, alone, you should feel pleased. Boy, I need to start going to estate sales. But I know my head would explode, too if I came across a haul like that! Lucky !!

  8. says

    I found a cute pair of kitschy Asian figurines at a garage sale. They seem to be similar to some made by Florence Ceramics, but these aren’t labeled as such. I’m wondering if it was a common mold because I’m seeing them painted a few different ways. Anyone know anything more?

  9. Gavin Hastings says

    Elizabeth Mary-

    To my mind: nothing says “party” like food cut into innovative shapes!

    If my Canasta memory serves me correctly; I think cutters are for tea sandwiches. Make the sandwich- (watercress or cucumber, prefered- maybe some hamsalad…) inset a frilled toothpick…and pop out the shape. The edges can become lunch for any children hanging around prior to the game.

    • Elizabeth Mary says


      I bet you are right about the cutters being for little sandwiches to have while playing Canasta — or, even bridge. I had forgotten about both the games and the little sandwiches. I will have to store that away in my memory and haul it out sometime in the future. Yum, ham salad……

      How about some ham salad on a cheddar biscuit?

  10. says

    I get ugliest find of the weekend! These chairs needed some lovin’ and were only $1. Nothing at the sale seemed newer than 1973 so I am guessing they are 60’s/70’s?? They are unmarked and just plastic, unfortunately not fiberglass.
    I am sanding them down to paint aqua and I think I need that fab desk/bedroom set to match so it’s a good thing I wasn’t at that sale!

  11. says

    Such great finds and hoot! hoot! on that Dishmaster, Pam!

    I love that Electroluxe man trophy and the aqua bedroom. My gosh, fantastic.

  12. Pencils says

    It’s not worth posting a picture but I bought eight vintage Pyrex ramekins and six Pyrex berry bowls (not sure what they are but they’re about that size.) Just clear glass, but so usable as prep bowls, or for baking, or just as little pretty bowls for dessert. I collect vintage colored Pyrex, especially pink and chartreuse, but the clear stuff is great too.

    • pam kueber says

      sorry the gallery seems to be acting a bit funky. #1 if you are on IE6 – update your browser. #2, or just stop the show and try starting again from 23.

  13. nina462 says

    I’ve so got to learn how to upload the photos of stuff I find. went to an estate sale last weekend…lovely home w/an in house speaker -com system etc. I asked if they would sell the pendant light in the kitchen — but no, it went with the house that was for sale. Darn!
    i must, must learn to upload my treasures that I find. especially now that the monthly antique fair at allegan co fairgrounds starts soon!

  14. Kyle Volk says

    Does anyone know the maker of the “vintage hutch with starburst engravings” that Jacqueline in Ca. posted? I have a very similar hutch with a different top and would love to know more about it. Thanks 🙂

  15. Joe Felice says

    WHAT? No vintage Electrolux vacuum cleaners? My mom always had an Electrolux, and my sister and I each bought one when we left home. I still have one to this day. Some Chinese outfit makes a replica version of the one my mom had in the ’50s (the “sled”), but reviews reveal it is cheaply made and doesn’t work well. Still, it might be fun to have it on display. HEY–has RR ever done a story on Electrolux? That could be lots of fun! The name is now used by a European company, and the vacuums are nothing like our models. Those are now made by Aerus, which, I believe is Canadian. The original company was American, but had a plant in Mississauga, Ontario. (I think that’ must be Canada’s answer to Mississippi.”)

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