Lilac bathroom: Groovy baby, 1965

You don’t see many lilac bathrooms. Tina — who recently was able to purchase her childhood home, spotted this bathroom at (a different) open house and sent in several photos.

Tina writes:

Hi Pam,
I absolutely LOVE your site and will use it extensively now that I have FINALLY bought my childhood home which my parents built in 1960-61. More about that later…. Until then, I recently went to a local garage sale at a 60’s ranch that is up for sale. Inside I found a fantabulous LILAC bathroom! I was so excited I went back the next day with my camera to take photos. The Realtor agreed it was a great bathroom and let me take as many pix as I wanted. When I told my Mom about it she told me we used to live in a house with a lilac bathroom. Too bad I was an infant and don’t remember!  Maybe there should be another site “Save the lilac bathrooms”, but something tells me the ‘contemporary crowd’ probably ripped them all out a long time ago!

As I emailed Tina, to be sure our Save the Pink Bathrooms campaigns in emblematic — we love pastel bathrooms of all colors. Here’s the listing for this 1965 house. Many thanks, Tina, and good luck with your own new/old house! Send me pics when you are ready.


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  1. says

    What a really cool bathroom! How fun to think of all the diverse ways to decorate this one! And how very special to be able to buy your childhood home. My mom thinks I’m crazy, but the very first (and smallest) little ranch house that they owned, built in 1963 (and because of that, I think they had to be the first owner-occupants), is my favorite of all of my childhood homes. I look at it sometimes on Google Maps, and there’s a photo of it at that county’s tax assessor’s website, but it’s too far away to just go gawk – last time I actually saw it was in 1988. So lucky you! I can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. T-Town Jimmy Jam says

    Question: Are those lights period correct? I have similar lighting – horizontal rather than vertical – above my sink in my house built in 1950…was thinking of changing them out but don’t want to if they are original??? I just figured someone came along in the eighties and changed the OG to these. What do you think?

    • pam kueber says

      i think that what you have – if it’s like this light – is likely original to the period. chrome base, frosted glass with etched design = likely original to the 50s.

      • says

        the theater dressing room type lights shown here don’t look original 50s/60s to me, but more 70s/80s and probably were added when the medicine cabinet and over toilet cabinet were added.

      • pam kueber says

        oopsy, when I responded, i was thinking it was about today’s post about the menard’s light, rather than yesterday’s about the lilac bathroom. i agree with error 404, the showgirl dressing room lights probably were added later. btw, i like showgirl lights! but they probably are more “authentic” for 60s on…

        • T-Town Jimmy Jam says

          Awesome, thanks a ton for taking the time to respond! I will likely end up with a fixture like the one you posted on…so timing was good 🙂

  3. Gavin Hastings says

    I have seen many lilac bathrooms in my time…but in typical 1961 fashon- the complimentary color has just about always been a mid-hue greyed blue for cabinets and accessories.

  4. Judy Jetson says

    Oh my goodness, a bathroom in my favourite colour!! I never dared to dream it could be true!!

  5. Cheryl Voorhees says

    THere is an area of my town that has lavender bathrooms. I discovered this when looking at houses several years ago. About 4 years ago, one of the owners had removed the lavender fixtures and they were sitting in the yard, free for the asking. I now have a cast iron lavender tub, lavender toilet and lavender sink in storage…and no where to use them. I would be interesed in parting with them if someone would have the need.
    When I was a teenager my bedroom was lavender. Our family was too practicle to have lavender bathroom fixtures.

    • Scott Austin says

      My 81 year old mother has a lavender / lilac bathroom that was built in 1962 very simlar to the posted picture… her toilet tank is broken and I have to keep glueing it.. I am interested in finding a replacement toilet for her. Someone mentioned having a set of items they found in someones yard are these still available?????

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