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    Mason jars made into a pendant chandelier — how pretty. These are in my Pottery Barn catalog, just arrived, $129 for the set of five. Or: I bet we could find tutorials online to learn how to do this ourselves – safely, of course.

    Susan Schneider of Shandells in Millerton, NY, can make a lamp out of Anything. She also has an exquiste collection of ephemera, which she transforms into objects like tissue boxes, night lights, matchbooks and lampshades, of course. Above: Vintage seed calogs from the 1800s and 1900s on a wood tissue box base, trimmed in copper. $48 from Shandell’s on etsy.

    “Do You Live in A Town?” Colour Me wallpaper by Mini Moderns. I love this stuff. It comes in black-and-white and you color in everything with crayons. I MUST have a room of this (foyer? powder room? office? before I die.) And you KNOW that I am so partial to anything with a house in it.

    Woah, just $14.50 for this mint-in-box Scranton Showers shower curtain from petuniapie on etsy.com. Will it last past 9 a.m. Eastern once it’s shown on the blog? Sorry, West Coasters.

    Here’s another Scranton curtain – same seller – same price. Musta come from the same place.

    Last time I was at Ron’s he had this wonderful vintage GE electric stove… It was in pristine condition. Oh, and it had a self-cleaning oven! Woah, how I wish. If it had been white, I would have bought it for my kitchen. I think he wanted $275. If you are interested: Google Berkshire County Used Furniture, Pittsfield, Mass. and call and see if it is still there, tell ‘em I sent you.

    Remember when I did all those posts about Sanderson’s reissuing a bunch of vintage wallpapers — eveyone loved those swallows… Well, at the time their PR folks sent me this vintage image. It’s from 1968, all wrapped in chintz. So cool… may I will have Erica Berger replicate me in this  pose with some of my vintage fabric next time we do a photo shoot? We’ll have to leave my head free, though, too freaky otherwise.

    Tone-on-tone graphic red wallpaper used as a backsplash paired with aquamarine cabinets in a 1963 Frigidaire ad. Hmmm, this is giving me ideas.… Dare I go this mid mod mad?

    52PostnBeam spotted this wonderful door and posted it on the Forum — teardrop-shaped window inserts for a mid-century door.

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    1. Glamorlux Nancy says:

      Wow! My husband and I are 50′s “door spotters”, but we’ve never seen a tear drop door!

    2. I love that stove and the door!

    3. Gavin Hastings says:

      Something in me wants to turn those teardrops on the door into exclaimation points….3 black stick-on bathtub flowers, maybe?

    4. MidCMitzi says:

      Hey, wasn’t one of your readers awhile back looking for a brown stove to match her brown fridge? Or was it a brown fridge to match her brown stove? I remember because no one knew the official name for that cocoa brown color that is like this stove. Well, hope she sees this if it’s what’s she’s looking for. :)

    5. MidCMitzi says:

      Oops, found the post–it is a fridge she’s looking for and it is a different brown. Nevertheless, beautiful stove!

    6. Amy Hill says:

      I love old stove porn!

      The door is tres cool. aussi!

    7. Count me in as a teardrop door lover! That would look fab on my house.
      You sure find interesting photos, topics, and homeowner stories for your blog. Keeps us on our toes!

    8. Just thought I would share a blog that I found the other day that has instructions on how to make a chandelier out of mason jars. Thought it was a great idea! There are so many uses for used Mason Jars.


    9. Marcela says:

      I just came back from Miami and I had a door OD…but this one…tops them all!

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