• Starburst tiles from Ann Sacks and Barbara Barry – simply gorgeous

    These 4″ field tiles — etched atomic starbursts — are stunning. And the selection! They are available in 1-starburst, 2-starburst, 3-starburst and 4-starburst designs — and in 20 gloss colors — 16 matte colors — four crackle colors — and there’s even a “blossom pink” that if not *Mamie* pink, is headin’ in that direction. This stuff will make you swoon.

    To see slide show, click on first image then move forward via the arrows just below the enlarged image:

    Thanks to Amy, who found these tiles and sent me an email so we could also share the tip. They are sold by  Ann Sacks, a top-end company, under the Barbara Barry brand. The website says that they are $30/ s.f. — about $3.33 a tile.   Oh, and note the kinda sorta historical reference: old Francisan Tile starbursts, as shown in a vintage kitchen captured on film by flickr friend Ms. Atomic:

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    1. sablemable says:

      Great find! I wonder if that Blush color is akin to the Kohler Peachblow?

    2. Kristie says:

      I love these! I am going to incorporate these in my bathroom re-do! Its pretty pricey, so they will have to be used as accents..

    3. I love them, but all I can visualize is having to clean the grooves.

    4. Gorgeous. They do look a little hand-crafted, that is to say slightly irregular. If you are a precision type, I wonder if they’d drive you crazy? Then again, it might just be the setting. I love them, but Mr. Elvis would probably veto those uneven-looking edges.

    5. Gavin Hastings says:

      I have to agree with Mr. Elvis.

      I knew there was something about them- but couldn’t place what it was. I wonder if they would marry well used as an accent with machined tiles? They might look a bit off.

    6. pam kueber says:

      Yes, I think you may have to use the entire line to get the matchy matchy goin’. That is, I’m guessing you cannot match these up easily with inexpensive field tiles from the big box stories or even Daltile or AO. That said: If you have the fortitude, you might be able to find a match… you never know.

    7. Oh, I’d like for my kitchen backsplash, but they’d have to be cantelope color!

    8. One could paint the starburst and then you would have a incredible tile

      • Gavin Hastings says:

        I want those stars in silver and gold!

        • loumeigs says:

          My thoughts exactly! I wonder what the thickness of these is though? The old original tiles in our bathroom are about 1/2 the thickness of ones you can buy now so they’d have to be thinner to fit into our current tiles.

    9. Love the design, but my favorite contemporary modern tiles are made by Edith Heath. The glazes are luscious.

    10. Sabrina says:

      Those are cute, but those vintage atomic tiles beat them hands down!

    11. Maryanna says:

      Ooh, there’s a 2″ by 6″ trim tile too! For those who worry that the 4″ square ones won’t look right with a standard field tile, this could be a neat decorative option. A lot less expensive, too.

      Lovely! These are an excellent find. Thanks for sharing! :)

    12. These are amazing, but i was totally cracking up at the caption for each photo!

      Love Scott’s suggestion about painting them. Mmmm!

    13. I would want these starburst tiles scattered through the design, rather than having the entire Milky Way on my walls. I can’t tell exactly from the link if the tiles come in a plain form. The uneven-ness of the edges seems a bit disconcerting with the precision of the stars. But it’s great that someone is coming up with such designs.

    14. They are lovely! The palette seems too muted for my taste but love the patterns.

    15. Rebecca Prichard says:

      Aaaaaah! I love them!

    16. I saw these on your website (thank you!) and went to my local Ann Sacks to get some samples. Unfortunately, they are much thicker than standard tiles. I wanted to use them as accents since they are pricey, but that won’t work without A LOT of work (thinner thinset behind the Starburst tiles??).

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