232 images in my 1950s slide show

It’s vintage eye candy overdose on the blog today: We’ve been busy bees here at the official offices of RetroRenovation.com (aka Pam’s computer cave crammed with MIB crap, collage ephemera and Astro’s stuff) and have just this week uploaded a bunch of images from three years of blogging into the 1950s gallery. 232 images there now, to be exact. They are not really organized, so it’s a potpourri, just keep hittin’ that -> arrow and see what little delight is next. Click the image(s) above … or here … to see the 1950s gallery (which will, voila, get organized by the Kueber elf someday soon, she promises.)


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  1. TappanTrailerTami says

    Wow, you just have no respect for my time Pam!!!! These were so fun to go through, and I think my favorite pink kitchen (there were so many!) is the one that has the floral wallpaper on the soffit AND on the ceiling, just love that!

    Thanks for posting all of these!

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