How to fix Crane faucets

Crane sinks and toilets were the cream of the crop back in the day, but after 50 years even they can use some fixit TLC. Lucky for us, there is a resource who has made it among their specialties to repair Crane faucets, and they are friends of the blog: Bathroom Machineries aka Disclosure: These folks are currently advertising on the blog… thank you very much!… but I am featuring this info regardless, no quid pro quo. They get so many questions — including readers that I refer to them — that Sales Manager John recently sent me a link to the page they have created to help do-it-yourselfers or their plumbers repair vintage Crane faucets – including the Crane Diana, Criterion, Drexel, Elayne, Marcia and Westland. What a nice service – vintage Crane groupies rejoice. Thank you, John!


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  1. Alice says

    Holy smokes Pam! This is such a timely and useful post! My husband has spent so much careful time on one of our vintage faucets and we haven’t been able to find a plumber who would be kind, gentle and conservative….this info is a cool drink of water! Thanks!

  2. Benny says

    Just bought house built in 50s. Lots of remodeling but decided to leave hall bath in its glorious original style. Crane items throughout but faucets not working. Got online to find new faucets that might fit the motif and I found this instead. Hooray! Thanks so much.

  3. Christine Gerndt says

    While cleaning the one in our pink and pink marble bathroom I noticed the drain said Crane. Now we will be able to repair the minor issues with the faucets in the house!

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