Vintage door escutcheons: A new MIB stash uncovered

Escutcheon made by the Han-Kow Tassle Company, Chinatown San Francisco, (1915-1978)

Little by little, Joy is unearthing the dusty hardware treasures lying in wait for us out back at Anderson’s Classic Hardware. Her most recent find: A nice big stash of vintage door escutcheons — back plates that go behind your door knob. Click here to see all the items Joy has uncovered, including these escutcheons (link lapsed…)  Oh, did I mention that she says there are More? Also know:  Liz’s Antique Hardware has a good selection posted on ebay (link lapsed…)  To launch the slide show, click on the first thumbnail then move forward via the arrow below each image:


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  1. Guy H. says

    Wonderful! My front door has a doorplate (and matching knob) similar to the plate second row, second from left.

    I love some of the other knobs and plates….

    My favorite style of doorknob is the starburst type that was located in the CENTER of the door. I notice that in lots of old movies.

  2. Deborah Milne says

    These vintage escutcheons are fabulous. I’m so glad you posted about these great finds. My parents had a home that had a center doorknob with a huge circular back plate. My friends always talked about how “weird” it was in actuality it was pretty darn cool!

    What is greater than making a unique statement to those who are entering your home?!

  3. MaryE says

    If she comes across floor vents and wall vents–I’m interested in buying. None of the ones available on the market are the right size.

    • pam kueber says

      MaryE, my DH tracked down ones that fit our house — it wasn’t easy, as I recall. I’ll ask him and post…

  4. philq says

    These were sometimes advertised as “Lock Fashions” by Schlage. I am fortunate enough to have various original 1956 Schlage escutcheons – Continental, Manhattan, Regent and Ming – on five of my exterior doors. Curiously, the front door has a colonial style, wrought iron handle/thumb latch instead. BTW, there is a group devoted to MCM door hardware!

  5. Susan says

    Though on a somewhat related topic, I am trying to find out which exterior trim paint colors were popular on homes in the Mid-Atlantic region (Maryland) in the 1970’s. I own a condo that was built in 1973 and I want to learn more about the door styles and colors that were commonly used on what I’d consider to be a contemporary style (stained wood siding and slider windows with no grills) condos and homes. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

  6. aaron france says

    wow cool. any leads on how i can come across 200 or so old escutcheons ..the dirtier and rustier the local salvage yard has thousands that are perfect but wants 25 bucks a piece…for un useable ones..and thats what i want..they will be for an art project not home repair. ide love to find a old milk crate full of “junk-y” ones..any leads?i live in indiana .

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