Vintage Naugahyde – 35 patterns

Vintage Naugahyde… wouldn’t you love to score several yards at an estate sale or thrifting? I have a big need for some right now — I need to update the cushions on my outdoor cast iron table and chairs, which we’ve just scraped down and repainted. Flickr friend Java1888 (thanks again, J!) recently nabbed the brochure (above) showing some vintage Naugahyde patterns. You can take a look at page 2, with more patterns, on his photostream. Meanwhile — recall this post from a year ago, where we discuss where to find Naugahyde-like vinyl – available today… although not quite so groovy as back in the day.



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  1. Atomic Bowler - Dave says

    I thought Naugas were on the endangered species list! Are they raising them on farms like mink now to make it OK again?

  2. Renee Posey says

    I just bought 35 full and partial rolls of vintage Naugahyde at an estate sale. I have yet to drag them back to my lair to fully examine what exactly I have, but suffice it to say I am a pretty happy girl right now.

  3. R D Connell says

    I have an old recliner from about 1915 made by Royal Chair of Sturgis, MI. The seat is an oriental red. It isn’t leather but I am wondering if it might by Naugahyde. Did they make Naugahyde that long ago?

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