Royal Barry’s Wills home, 1920, Melrose, Mass.

Oh my goodness, I’m having palpitations, this is the sweetheart Cape Cod home that architect Royal Barry Wills built for himself and his family in 1920 in Melrose, Mass. Before he went and got all famous and became the #1 influence (in my view) on mid-century homes all across America. This house should go into historic preservation. And – they should restore it inside and out to look just like it did on the magazine cover shown in the listing information — I assume it’s the same house. For sale as of July 2010.


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  1. Sara Paul says

    Unbelieveable!! So well preserved. They just don’t build them like this anymore. Did you see those floors? and the hinges? and the built-ins? the eagle on the outside – iconic is the word I think of. Thanks Pam.

  2. Shane Walp says

    565,000? HA! It is pretty tho. I’d be afraid to live in it and get it dirty. I wouldn’t mind leaving the kitchen alone either. It IS belly button granite/stainless/dirt color, but it looks good.

    The knotty pine is awesome, and the exposed beams. I was thinking of exposing my joists and taking my ceiling up along the rafters. Looks good!

  3. Cara says

    Half a million dollars more than my house and a bit smaller but it is darling!

    The glaring gray roof would be about the only thing I would want to change (after seeing the old roof on the magazine) and the kitchen and bath look newish for my taste too but I could live with it, LOL

  4. nancy says

    … What a great house! Makes me really appreciate my 50’s home that hadn’t been touched! They are really treasures!

  5. Chris says

    I love this house! I too really liked the hinges and all the built-ins. . . they sure don’t make them like this any more! The yard is so charming!! I would really like to see it in it’s original decor. . .great find though .. . thanks for sharing!

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