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What did you find thrifting this weekend? There was a pretty darn good estate sale in Pittsfield. I went up at the end and nabbed a ridiculous bunch of stuff at half-price… really, better even, money-wise…  because I always just fill big boxes full of dinky strange old mostly useless things… so the dealers always just give my piles a glance and then give me one (almost always super low) price… because they know they also have to clean out the house after, and they know the stuff I buy would likely just go to the dumpster. They all know me, by now. I save them the trouble. Like, who in the world but me would get all grabby about 39 vintage spatulas that were Fuller Brush customer thank-you giveaways. Clear plastic spat’s still separated from blue plastic ula’s, in their separate original boxes… just sitting there, patiently waiting for me to arrive and to save them from a cruel end.
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  1. MbS says

    Let the spatulas be prizes for a 50s recipe roundup….recipes from ladies’ groups — church, junior league, those spiral-bound books of such joys as

    Tomato Soup Chocolate Cake (Campbells, natch!)
    Jello aspic jiggle wonders (get your five fruits and veggies retro-style)
    King Ranch Casserole (Texas specialty)

    • Atomic Bowler - Dave says

      I second that idea!
      Of course I have to admit that I own every vintage Jell-O mold known to man.
      Worse yet, my grandfather who raised me was the local Methodist preacher, so I have a deep background in all of the Church Potluck Supper dish-de-lites. Well, really, there are a few I love and have refined, and most I just have to cringe at. We collect vintage cookbooks, too, and as long as the entries can be based on likeness to a cookbook picture I have a fighting chance! If you ever actually try to cook your way through any of the old BHG cookbooks you know it won’t be on culinary marvel, LOL! I skipped the chapter on varity meats…

  2. Renee Crabtree says

    I wish I had photos but I haven’t picked them up yet – 4 barkcloth 50’s pinch pleat drapes with gold fibers, pink flowers, on a grey background. Will match my pink and gold Formica table and new torquoise walls perfectly!

    • punkrockmartha says

      thanks! they are so much more than i had hoped to find… i’m dangerously close to going back and cleaning out half of that store.

  3. Gina Black says

    What a lot of fun to see everybody’s finds! I *love* those nightstands. Had my eye out for one but it wasn’t the weekend for them here. Maybe next time.

    • Marcela says

      Thanks Gina, I got the whole bedroom set for 150..I’ve been stalking CL for months in order to score a complete set. Keep searching you never know what you might find…good luck!

  4. Marcela says

    Oh Gina…those shoes are TO DIE FOR!
    I love all the finds…the Florida Alligator would perfectly in my house ; ) the lams, the chair, the glassware..all such pretty things!

  5. Susie says

    I picked up two awesome lamps and a few other odds and ends this weekend at an antique store in Northern Georgia on my mini-vacation.

  6. says

    I have the exact same Bulova turquoise clock that sits in my aquamarine kitchen. Mine is also In mint condition and works beautifully – only gets AM radio, but crystal clear AM it is! I absolutely love it and I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world when I scored it on Ebay.

  7. Annie B. says

    That clock radio is a real treasure!

    This weekend’s thrift score was a vintage Pyrex casserole dish, a few pieces of Canoe Muffin, and………..a vintage xylophone! It sounds great, too.

  8. loumeigs says

    I started laughing at an estate sale today, very inappropriate I know, but I happened to find one of the spatulas that Pam found last weekend. I caught myself looking for a stash of them and laughed.

  9. Kathy Heimann says

    I am thinking those 50 spatulas would make a great bottom layer fanned out around a wreath. Kitchen inspired, and you being the expert on fabulous vintage wreaths, I think some metal measuring spoons, vintage kitchen gadgets and voila you are golden. If I have planted a seed, I know you will expand the idea and it will be fabulous. Good luck!!

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