71 kitchens, bathrooms & more in 1940s photo gallery

We recently updated the blog’s gallery of 1940s advertising images. Their is a lot of inspiration and ideas to be found by scrutinizing these design-y — and often, idyllic — depictions of early mid century life. Enjoy.

To see the slide show, click on the first image, look for the description just below it, and use the arrows there to move forward or back:


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  1. Chris says

    I have to admit that I am smitten with 1940’s and some 1950’s ads! Many, many years ago when I was first exposed to an old advertisement from that time period I was hooked and became dedicated to that style of homemaking! I love most everything from that period. My dad was born in 1942 and relates lots about that time frame to me. They just evoke a warm, joyful, hopeful, homey feeling in me! I love the colors, the detail, everything. These used to be harder to find but thanks to the internet they are literally at our fingertips! Thanks for adding these; they are awesome!

  2. Amy Hill says

    Thank you for posting these old ads! I can imagine the fun housewives from that time period had using the plans provided to create the kitchen of their dreams. Coming out of the 30’s, when some still didn’t even have electricity in their homes, this must have been a dream come true!
    The ads provide decorating ideas for today’s restorers and preservationists, and prove that maintaining the integrity of the designs from that time period is most definitely a worth while endeavor.
    Thanks again for all you do!

  3. says

    I just received an old ad for “coffee breaks” and framed it for over my coffee pot. The other side had a whiskey ad and my 14 year old tried to convince me to use that side! I could see that one above a bar. The possibilities are endless and they really add a touch of history.

  4. Lynn-O-Matic says

    Thanks for adding to the gallery, Pam! Every time I look at some of these pix of those curvy forties kitchens my heart pounds and I feel faint. And that basement movie theatre kills me. Love!

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