Vintage Amerock Hide-a-Shelf and more mint-in-box treasures

If my house were not already packed to the gills with new-old-stock treasures, I would snap up this Amerock Hide-a-Shelf — buy-it-now for $75 — in a heartbeat. Mark this day on the calendar, I have actually exercised some restraint. Disclosure: Anything that you buy — from these ebay carousels or otherwise – when you click into ebay via any link on my site nets me a teensy commission; thanks for your support.


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  1. says

    I have a fabulous original fold-away shelf just like that in my 1956 kitchen. The story we heard was that the builder/owner’s wife was a great baker, so her husband incorporated the shelf to hold and fold away her huge Mixmaster. I use it for my Crock Pot. And there are several other unique shelves that we haven’t figured out the original use of yet, too.

  2. Alice says

    I don’t smoke, but everytime I see one of these great vintage cigarette cases, I almost wish that I did! Just so I could elegantly open my case, snap it shut and tap my cigarette…what style!

  3. Deb says

    Jane, I have one, too, in my 1962 rambling ranch. I’m not sure if it’s Amerock or not, but I love it. My mixer is too tall to fit on it as it travels up to working height, but the base of my processor fits nicely. 🙂

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