Vintage Caloric oven – never used

Synthesis (Joe) gets snaps for sending in this craigslist find: A vintage Caloric wall oven that has never been used. Doesn’t that control panel look like the dash of a car? And, you know I have really come to love love love that coppertone brown. Umm, though, the cabinets look like the ones I ripped out of my 1951 kitchen to replace with 1963 aquamarine Geneva metal kitchen cabinets from a cooking school run by nuns. I lived in New York City for three-and-a-half years. My co-op apartment, which was in a lovely park block brownstone on the Upper West Side, had a circa-1990 convection oven in it. I did not know how to use it. I never used it once, did all my cooking (boiled tortellini, mostly) on the stovetop. But 50 years and they never used the oven? Wow, that’s an accomplishment! Thank you, Joe, for the lovely eye candy. Hope someone snaps this one up!


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  1. Guy H. says

    Nice looking oven… what a great find.

    I dig those cabinets, btw. Not as much as the Geneva metal ones, but these do look cool. I love the mesh with the gold color behind it.

  2. Gina Black says

    Wow. That’s my kitchen, although my cabinets are a much lighter color and natural wood. Exact same counter layout, cabinet layout, etc. And it originally had the copper appliances although they all died except for the stove hood.

  3. says

    I’m glad you posted this Pam, hopefully someone will snag it up and we’ll see it in a renovation. I’ll keep my eye out for more NewOldStock and MintInBox stuff to share with the group.

    thanks again.

  4. 52PostnBeam says

    Never used the oven … my kind of people!

    I also love the 5′ high gold tile wainscotting, nice touch.

  5. Alisa says

    Hi Everyone –

    This is my kitchen and that was my Craigslist posting. I am so glad that all of you seem to like the oven but no one on Craigslist wants to buy it 🙁

    This kitchen was only for show. The woman we bought this house from was Italian and had a second or “Summer” kitchen in the basement that she used. If anyone can help me sell this oven, I would appreciate it!!

    • Diane Adler says

      Wow! EXACTLY like the one I have, except that it has been used and looks it. It was put into the rental apartment upstairs in 1960 and must be replaced. How much? And where is it now?

  6. Kathy says

    Do you have the manual for this oven? I am looking for parts for the same model but don’t have the part number. Please let me know.

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