Ceramic towel bars, soap dishes & more from Rejuvenation

With the recent introduction of my easy-breezy category thumbnails, I am on a Resource binge. That is, I am all investigative reporter this week fixated on uncovering more restoration products that might provide just the perfect solutions for eager retro renovators. I want those category pages to ROCK. Today: A reminder that if you are looking for tile-in towel bars, soap dishes, toilet paper holders, and the like for your 1920s, 1930s, 1940s or even early 1950s bathroom, remember to check out the Chandler collection from Rejuvenation. This is “streamline” design, and it’s available in three colors: Black, white, and even jadeite green (swoon.) .

Hey, Bo Sullivan from Rejuvenation explained “streamline” vs. “deco” to me. Long story short: Streamline looks like it’s moving; like a big old steam engine plowing toward you. Deco is all decoratif…yes, decorative, with flourishes including geometrical designs.
Back to the Chandler designs: I also like this collection because you can be all bathroom matchy-matchy with your sconces or above-mirror lighting.  Rejuvenation also offers some chrome bathroom hardware as well, but nothing I’d call notably mid-mod.
Link: Rejuvenation’s Chandler streamline porcelain bathroom fixtures.
P.S. Rejuvenation gets double extra brownie points for using pink tile in their marketing. Save the Pink Bathrooms!


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  1. Anna says

    I stumbled across this collection after checking out Rejuvenation from another one of your posts. Although I grew up with a beautiful mid-mod black & white tiled bathroom, I think my 1940 bathroom cries out for some green porcelain. I can’t afford to undo the 1980’s white renovation blandness and get my clawfoot tub right now, but maybe a soap dish and cup holder will be enough to keep me happy for a while (and maybe a matching Selma light fixture).

  2. Jocelyn says

    I have the towel bar from this collection. I thought it was going to be an adhesive mount type, but it came with drill-in hardware that you then slide the ends over. Once we got it installed – in the tile in one end of the bathtub – I realized that since I’m not looking down on it, you can see the opening in the bottom of the ends that permitted it to be slid into place, which is not apparent in any of the catalog pictures. I was a bit irritated, but since the holes are drilled, there’s no going back. I console myself with the thought that the tub’s tile surround was pretty badly DIYed by the previous owners and we’ll eventually replace it.

  3. Natschultz says

    Oooh!!! I’m in heaven! I almost wish my 1940’s black and white bathroom wasn’t original now! Maybe I’ll re-do the other bathroom the same, but in JADEITE!!!
    I just wish I could find Jadeite hex or spiral tiles.

    As for the drill-in hardware, hmm, that is an interesting point. Old bathroom tile was installed on a very thick (over 1″) layer of “mud” (concrete), whereas tile today is put on with Thinset. That old mud could hold anything into place! Unless it gets very saturated by a leaking Art Deco faucet and then crumbles apart and the tiles fall off! (not fun!)

    BTW: If you want to create a truly vintage looking (1940’s) bathroom just be sure NOT to use those plastic tile spacers – the old tile was almost butt up against each other with almost no space for grout (you’d still grout it, but you won’t really see it). If you use those spiral tiles that already come on a sheet you might want to use a dark gray or black grout. My original floor doesn’t have spaces as wide as the modern tiles, but the thin spaces between are dark, not white (and it does not wash away, so I think it may just be the original mud darkened over time).

  4. Susan B says

    I have quite a few vintage bath tiles that I would like to find a home for in various colors. The man from whom I bought my house was a tile mason in the 40s-60s. Do you know of anyone who would like to purchase them, or do you purchase? I have various colors and some soap dishes, towel bar parts, etc.

  5. says

    I’ve been eyeing these items as I am preparing for my bathroom reno. Altho I love the idea presently, I am chickening out. I’m worried that I’ll tire of the porcelain look. LOL: Is there a support group for mid-century renovators to support us in taking these “gutsy” (non-contemporary) renovation stances? (PS: Rejuvenation has a bathroom sale on currently as well!)

    Does the white porcelain yellow over time? I might muster the courage to do white porcelain…

    • Lucia says

      Muster the courage! I just did, the white subway tiles with black edging looks wonderful. I put a hexagon tile floor with black small tiles in between, got it at HomeDepot, not expensive and gives my new bathroom character. Looking at this website, I mustered the courage and painted my walls soft pink and loooove it, even though I never loved pink before. Will be purchasing black porcelain towel bars and soap dishes etc. If I get bored, I’ll paint the pink walls blue, yellow or white…
      Do it! It will look unique and special.
      Lucia of Azusa

  6. Lynne says

    Does anyone know where to get those metal pieces that you screwed into the wall and then slide the porcelain fixture over? I have 4 old fixtures and only 3 metal pieces.

  7. Eileen Cronin says

    We own a 1971 Split – Level House (raised ranch) in Massachusetts. It is a very odd mixture of styles: Country Kitchen & Dining Room (with chair rails) and “1970’s modern” Living room. We have kept the original dark knotty pine cabinets and formica counters in the kitchen, and the fake paneling in the downstairs den. However, after raising 3 girls, our only full bathroom is in bad shape. When we found out how much it costs to redo a bathroom, and being nostalgic for all things retro, we decided to keep it the way it is. “1970’s Green” sink, tub, tile, and toilet, and small tiles on the floor. (We will need to replace the toilet). We have one problem, one of the towel racks has ceramic holders that are attached to the sheetrock wall, and the plastic towel bar broke years ago. Does anyone know how we can replace the bar? The only way I see how, is to remove one of the holders, but that will cause damage to the wall. Can I find a replacement bar ? and if I do, how can I get it in? Right now, we are using a small tension curtain rod which doesn’t really fit very well. It’s the only thing that we could get into the holders. By the way, the bathroom had silver and blue foil wallpaper (from 1985) which we removed, and we painted the walls a retro blue. Thanks.

  8. Kathy says

    I am looking for GREEN Chandler Streamlined Ceramic Towel Bar Holder (we have all green fixtures in our vintage bathroom, but my granddaughter grabbed the towel rack and one end holder broke) We cannot find another one anywhere. Please let me know if you know of anyone who has a green one. Thank you!

    • pam kueber says

      Kathy, we may have resources for possible alternates — use the Search box, or start looking thru Bathroom Help category – i think these would be in Accessories.

      If you bought the original from Rejuvenation, have you tried them?

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