A Hidden-Treasures Time Capsule Home

Matthew writes today: I found this article while doing some research a few months back and forgot all about it. After all the work I’ve been doing with Retro Renovation for Aunt Pam, it came back to mind. Here’s the jist: A man buys a big old house in Alabama, takes it off its foundation, moves it 10 miles across town, then discovers a complete room full of priceless treasures — not a single piece disturbed since 1938 and nothing broken in the move, either. I grew up on a farm in Kentucky. When I was little, one of my favorite things to do was go into old barns and abandoned structures to see what cool stuff I could find. As I got older, I still love the feeling of discovering items meant to never be seen again… I guess that’s why I’m studying archeology. Still, I can’t  imagine the exhilaration this guy would be feeling. I’m so going to buy a time capsule home for myself. Click here or on the screen shot (left) to read the article.

Aunt Pam adds: Speaking of hidden treasures, when Matthew was here last week, he and I made an impromptu trek to Gotham (aka New York City) to see the King Tut exhibit before everything heads back to Egypt permanently. We had a BLAST. Matthew is insane for Egyptology, and I have to say that seeing it all through his eyes, I have a newfound appreciation for mummies and cartouches and shabti and the like. Now, he is taking to this blogging thing like a fish to water. I think we really truly are related and share some decisively similar genetic material.


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  1. Amy Hill says

    WOWSERS! Some folks have all the luck! I bet you anything that when the guy bought that house everyone he knew thought he was nuts. The place needed everything, wiring, plumbing, heat & air…
    I love old housses! I think they are all a treasure!

  2. Amy Hill says

    Pam, it’s always fun to take young people to a museum. Especially when they are your newphew’s age. I took my children to the High Museum here in Atlanta once during a college break. I think I enjoyed it more than they did!

  3. jkaye says

    I share Matthew’s love of poking around in old barns. Once lived on an farm (in Kentucky by the way) where we discovered a cache of empty, very old pint liquor bottles hidden in a stall of the barn. Talking with neighbors, we were told it had been common for men in the area to do their drinking out in the barns, one snort at a time, out of view of their wives in the farmhouses. Then we found a pile of similar bottles under the old house! So we wondered — did the farmer store his liquor under the house too, or was that the wife’s stash? Had she been taking a snort at the house while her husband was doing the same out in the barn? Mathew, maybe you will find an answer during your archeology studies!

  4. Julie says

    What a fantastic story, thanks for the link! I know I’ve dreamed about finding a secret room I never knew existed, of course mine would be full of Eames and Nelson and other mid-century beauties.

  5. nina462 says

    great story–but where’s the end? Did Junior sue the pants off Ron? Did Ron win the lawsuit (Hope so). There needs to be a follow up to this story –

  6. says

    Gesh, that house must have been huuge to not realize a studio apartment was hiding inside! I only wish they could have shared the actual photos in the article.
    I also dream of finding an extra room. I would be delighted even with an empty room or an empty closet for that matter – much needed space for my stuff.

  7. MbS says

    Nice job, M. Now, I am thinking about Great Expectations but southern US antebellum style…..in a good way.

  8. Cindy says

    Sure sounds like your curiosity and love of “old” stuff is in the genes….from Egypt to MCM!! You two will have a lot of fun together!!

  9. says


    My son (20) and I were just talking about the King Tut exhibit today. He visits all the local museums in Austin frequently. Great you got to enjoy it with him!


  10. says

    Usually I go in for the detailed and captivating photographs you post, but of all the Time Capsule stories read/slowly steeped myself in through the posted pictures, this one is taking the cake!

    Though there are no photos of the interiors, the article written by Kent is perfectly suspenseful and it’s actually the lack of photos that seems to make it so satisfying!

    Anyway, I’ve spent the last several hours trying to research more, but I can’t seem to come up with any news about how the newer owner faired after that unfortunate lawsuit. Perhaps it is better this way.

    Thank you for posting this great find, and to your nephew for sharing it. I am certain this will fuel my whimsical space-cadet imagination for weeks as I drift off dreaming of hidden passageways, secret rooms, and closed closets full of treasures <3

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