Boomerang laminates from Wilsonart

UPDATE (Oct 2011): Click over to –> this story to get an update on all three sources for boomerang laminate.

Here is a third selection of boomerang laminates to consider for your retro kitchen renovation. Wilsonart has informed me that residential buyers can buy from this “Indie” line …. it is just a special order placed through a fabricator or dealer who would actually be the one ordering it from Wilsonart.  Oct. 2011 update: Best-known prices for this laminate are at A Moment In Time. Disclosure: A Moment in Time is currently an advertiser on the site. This mention is not part of the deal, though. And if I find this laminate at a lower price, I’ll update you!


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  1. John says

    I like the WIlsonart the best. The boomerang shapes are more defined and easier to see. The Bars & Booth’s choice is rather muddled.

  2. Jan says

    I agree with John. The Wilsonart version looks much more like a boomerang. Bars & Booths sometimes looks like a boomerang and sometimes looks like the outline of a pond. Oh well, I still wish they’d figure out – again – how to make laminate like Textolite’s Spungold, Twilight, Camelot and Gold Nugget. How can you “lose” a technology? Especially one that generated such cool things?

  3. Rebecca says


    It is so funny these posts came up as I was poking around the Wilsonart site the day before this all came up. Did you see the Here and There Pattern, aqua and pink. I just love it.

    I am currently on a quest to see if we could redo our kitchen in a Mondrian style (which is why I was on the Wilsonart site). Do you have any suggestions on how to approach designing in that style. I want do do white, aqua and orange. I am assuming then I need black as a grid/accent color but I am not sure.

    Thanks for all that you do. RR is my first web stop every day!!


    • pam kueber says

      Hi Rebecca, I don’t know that there is a single theory about how to do the Mondrian kitchen. I presume that you have looked at all my posts for reference?

  4. Rebecca says


    Yes I have. It is funny because it was a style I really liked but didn’t really know the name of it until I read some of your posts. I will reread the one on the bathroon redo and maybe that will get my design juices flowing.

  5. Rebecca says

    Yes, I am sorry, it is there and back. You also have to click on View Larger Image to see the aqua. Thanks for getting the right name.

    Why do the designers get to have all the fun! =-)


  6. Dan O. says

    I may be alone here but I don’t like the Wilsonart “Retro” series patterns at all, they just seem like a caricature of the original Brooks Stevens “Skylark” design. Of greater importance is that Wilsonart apparently offers a custom laminate service and can turn out a laminate based on customer-supplied artwork:

    I have no idea how much this would cost, what the minimum order would be or who you would have to know to get it done….but imagine the possibilities.

    • pam kueber says

      Dan O (and other readers) – different stroke for different folks. Please remember my pretty much #1 rule for comments on this blog is: No One Can Be Made To Feel Bad For Their Choices. Some folks are gonna like the Wilsonart boomerangs – hey, I like them – so please take care with the objections, okay? Also, thanks for the tip on creating your own… I have a good contact at Wilsonart and will put the question to her: Whether a single homeowner can use this service, or whether the purchase requirements for volume are realistically too steep.

      • Desley says

        Hello Pam (and other readers), I hope you can offer me some advice. I am writing from New Zealand and I am rennovating our old holiday house and want to keep it 1960is ish style/retro. All I need now is to get the right laminate for the benchtops. I have done alot of investigation as, in New Zealand, we can’t get any of the retro styles – true! I think the best colour for my kitchen would be the grey cracked ice range – I believe this is from Wilson Art – but their NZ distributors say that they can’t get it for me. I have found one of the resellers in the US who will send to me but it is $445 plus the same again for shipping the one sheet. Can you confirm who makes it and any other advice or suggestions? Thank you, appreciate any help. Regards, Desley

  7. Cyndi says

    We still have this same pattern in yellow with green and brown, I believe on the built in downstairs bar~with stainless steel rim and mint condition~ha!

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