Midcentury modern sectional from Room and Board

I think that Room and Board has the mid century modern sectional just right with their Reese sectional — the proportions are long, low and lean, at 32″ high with a seat 22″ deep. This is not 1990s oversized. This sectional comes in five configurations and six colors — including my all-time favorite color, burnt orange, which they call pumpkin spice. (I hereforeto declare burnt orange Retro Renovation’s 2011 color of the year. I’m introducing it early, like the carmakers do.) More good news: Made in Virginia. I know that in this economy, not too many folks have $3,800 to throw at a sectional sofa, but it sure is fun to dream. Link: Room & Board Reese sectional. First spotted on Atomic Lilly’s blog.


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  1. Glamorlux Nancy says

    We’ve seriously considered getting this sectonal, but compared to 50’s sofas, it is surprisingly long. We measured it out and are afraid that our living room would be “all sofa”. But, it still is tempting, because the style and tweedy fabric are very cool! BTW, they will send you fabric samples for free.

      • JAson says

        My 1950s Kroehler 3 pc sectional measures 40″ long for the end sections. The middle curved section measures about 20-24″ from it’s end to the corner of the radius. I, too, loved the R&B Reese when I saw it at thier showroom in Atlanta, but it was just too large for my living room. The vintage Kroehler was smaller scale and allowed room for an additional chair in the living room. However, after reupholstering the 3 pc, I spent more than the Reese…but underneath, it’s still an orginal Kroehler. Btw…..the vintage 3 pc looks FANTASTIC!

  2. John says

    Hi Pam, this IS the quintessential mid century couch. I was watching I Love Lucy the other day. If you take out the curved section it looks just like the one they use on the show. This is just the couch I want in my livingroom alas I don’t have $3,000.00 to spend. Contrary to what society thinks all gay men do not make lots of money!!!

    John AKA AtomicHipster

  3. John says

    If the sectional is too long for everyone check out the Reese Sofa!!! It’s fabulous and at 85″ should fit in smaller spaces!!

    John AKA AtomicHipster

  4. Jason says

    I visited the Room & Board store in Atlanta last year and was considering their furniture for my Retro decor. I had decided on one sofa, then turned the corner and saw this sectional. WOW! I loved it….However….after taking measurements, I decided that this would be too large for my living room. I later found an original mid-late 50’s Kroehler 3 pc sectional on Ebay…and just across the bay from where I live….with reupholstering ran about the same cost as the R&B sofa…..and the Kroehler fit my living just great.

  5. Gavin Hastings says

    It is lovely and I have to agree with Jason:
    $3,800 is alot of money…but not if you consider the cost of quality re-upholstrey on an existing piece. Good fabric alone for such a sofa could run lotsa $$$. and you have to arverage out the price over 25 years, because this will be the last sofa you ever buy.

  6. Annie B. says

    So beautiful! If its one arm were a little lower and wider as in the vintage Kroehler’s, I’d declare it the perfect sofa.

  7. Al Curnow says

    I like the shape and colour choices but the modern legs just don’t seem to be the right taper almost cluby but a great sofa if you can’t find a vintage one.

    • says

      I agree with the legs comment, they’re not quite right. they need to be tapered the entire length. I’m sure you could source another set or modify those if handy enough, but hell, if you’re dropping that kind of money on a couch it better be perfect.

    • CouldBeVeronica says

      I have another very mid-century looking sofa from R&B with the same tapered legs. It’s in the living room with a genuine mcm chair with completely tapered legs, and the two blend beautifully. Because the new sectional, while not massive, is bigger than an actual vintage piece, it sort of needs the more substantial leg base. I think a slimmer leg would make the couch look heavy. When you actually walk through and sit in the room, you don’t often see the top of the legs anyway because they’re set back and the base of the couch overhangs them (very awkwardly put, but I hope you know what I mean).

      Mine cost less than $3000, by the way, and is worth every penny for the quality, but I bought smaller pieces to fit in my room, and they don’t have the gorgeous and costly tufting or that curve! If I ever reupholster my vintage chair, which is in very sad shape indeed, I’ll probably end up spending half the cost of the sectional! Worth it, but definitely not a bargain!

  8. Sabrina says

    I was drooling over the pictures of this very sectional for months… but decided with 3 girls under the age of 6, and two cats, we should go with something that cost much less… and had slipcovers. I just don’t want to be that mom, constantly barking to “get your feet off my $3,800 couch!” One day, though, one day…

    • Gavin Hastings says

      Sabrina-In 1964 my parents spent loads of money on a white damask, tufted, curved, 8ft Henredon sofa…..and then continued increasing our family of 11 children. I sat on it maybe once. They still have it…in perfect condition and I want it.

      Kids move on, but sometimes a sofa is forever.

  9. Amy Hill says

    Does it sit comfortably? It has been my experience that either the sofa looks great OR it sits comfortably, but usually you don’t get both. I have to be able to take the occasional nap on my sofa. I bought a cheap set for right now because of the cat. She makes a mess wherever she goes.

  10. nina462 says

    let me rephrase my above statement after reading others comments. I thought the legs matched because it reminds me of a danish modern sofa, we had while growing up.

  11. Al Curnow says

    Pam, I would also like to give my “back by popular demand” vote for burnt orange. My wife and I have been filling our home with retro 60’s and 70’s stuff for many years, and we love the colour.

  12. Gavin Hastings says

    About the arms and legs:
    I think this sofa is aimed for Rob and Laura Petrie,1963, not Desi and Lucy Ricardo 1953.

  13. Kate says

    We’ve got a vintage sectional much like this. Cost $150, and $400 for the new fabric. My saint of a mother reupholstered it for free though.
    The fabric is sold by Sail-rite, meant for a boat, so it is very durable. The length for the short side is 80″ and the longer curved side takes up 96″ (the actual curve is longer).
    We have cats, so we keep a throw over the arms to keep them from scratching…what can you do?!
    Here’s some pix:

  14. JAson says

    So what kind (make) of sofa did Rob and Laura have in thier home?!!!! You never really get to see the whole sofa, but it was curved…kinda like a sectional and had an armless end.

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