Eat Pray Retro Renovate

Over on her blog Home is A Four Letter Word, writer Gillian Drummond has been doing a series on mid century bathrooms, which will culminate in a big story in her newspaper, The Arizona Daily Star, on Sunday. In her blog post this week, “Penny Pinching with the Stars,” she talks about how living with the home you have, rather than defaulting to a gut-job, can save a lot of money. And, she marvels that Julia Roberts is a declared frugalista, too, who sews her kids’ clothes.
Of course, when I saw the blog post’s tag: 1950 bathrooms > Julia Roberts > Pam Kueber >, I just had to capture it for infinity and beyond. Oh, and did I mention that Gillian mentions a “goddess” in the story — and that it’s errr, me, not Julia? I have to admit, that made my day. Month. Year. 🙂


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  1. Amy Hill says

    You are a Goddess, Pam. Julia Roberts ain’t got nothing on you!
    See what a wonderful job you have done of bringing attention to being content with what we have, and loving the house we’re in!
    Here is something else to ponder – Pink & Black were Elvis’ favorite colors!

  2. Cindy says

    Oh my, all this eye candy on the internet. Never thought bathrooms and tile would get me goin!! Even though you introduce us to other home blogs, Pam, yours will always be my retro-blog home!
    On a completely different note…I’ve been searching high and low for a retro mailbox and called Crestview Doors on a whim. Guess what….? They’ve been giving it some thought and I was told to stay tuned…..mailboxes may be on the horizon!!!! 🙂

  3. handyandy says

    Now I ask you, could Julia Roberts have given us all those wonderful Aladdin House Plans? Of course not. For me it’s Pam Kueber all the way!!! (Sort of cool to be mentioned together, though……)

  4. MaryE says

    Everytime someone comes into my house, they smile. My house is old-fashiony in the way that make people miss the home they grew up in. I don’t think the granite and stainless crowd can say that. Here’s what I think–those homes are intimidating, and my style of home (OUR style of home, retro pals!) is truly HOME. Homey homes, with personality and liveability.
    Where am I going with this little nugget of wisdom? Just leading back to Pam and Julia and all the good old-fashiony things like time capsule houses, retro renovating, making your own clothes, and all that stuff.

    • says

      Bravo! I couldn’t have said it better myself MaryE. I get the same nostalgic reactions from everyone who steps in my house. I’ve even had some who have actually said they want to take a page out of my book and simplify their lives and get out of their too expensive to maintain, too big to clean homes they currently live in. Pam, thank you for leading the way and showing us how!

  5. says

    I have exact same corner sink shown in the vintage bathroom parade. It was one of the first things I fell in love with when I looked at our house 2 years ago.

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