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I was very happy that there was a good estate sale in Pittsfield this weekend. There were a lot of pretty vintage figurines, and I bought a whole bunch of sets of 78 records – the kind that include like 4 records in a binder-cover, pretty cool. I told myself they are for DH, who likes Rumbas and the such, but I wanted them, too. I didn’t buy the adorable Dutch boy and girl (above), but I did buy two tall yellow chalkware Asian figurines – I now have a bona-fide collection going. Of course, after I arrived home and looked at all the photos I made of the treasures left behind, gosh darn, I wish I’d bought more. The simple sweetness of these modest keepsakes… I love them so.

What did you find thrifting this weekend? Upload your own weekend finds… Terms of Use apply:

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To see the slide show, click on the first image, look for the description just below it, and use the arrows there to move forward or back:


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  1. pam kueber says

    Wow, Kelly, you really hit the jackpot at those three estate sales! Thanks for posting all of these wonderful photos!

    • Kelly LeBel says

      Since reading your blog (I have been on for about 3 months now), my obsession has grown! I take my camera everywhere in hopes of finding wonderful MCM treasures. It’s on again this coming weekend, too. 😉 Thanks for such a wonderful site!

  2. says

    Those photos make me want to go estate sale-ing this very minute! I love that 40’s bathroom so much – and that wagon wheel chair….fantastic.

    Kelly, I was at the same estate sale with the yellow countertop kitchen. That house was awesome! I didn’t buy anything so sadly, nothing to report for the weekend.

    • Kelly LeBel says

      I didn’t buy anything either, but was eyeballing the typewriter that was, I think, $12. Sadly, my husband doesn’t understand my obsession and kept asking what the point of it was! Men!

      • says

        Ha! Yes, sometimes….we are SO misunderstood. I saw a couple of things that I was thinking about but forgot to bring money – can you believe it? Tragic!

        That typewriter was cheap and so very cool! I wanted that enormous box of MTA combs. For some reason.

  3. says

    I’ll try to post our major weekend find later this week!

    I just posted the other evening about my 2 girls discovering my dh’s “vintage” CD collection for your reading amusement…

  4. nina462 says

    Where do I start? Love the sofa! and the lamps with the tall shades. I have a lovely brass lamp that I bought for $2 and it needs a shade. The cheapest shade I can find is $70! So, I’m thinking of making my own out of the shade that I have (the silk is ripped, so that’s all I have to replace).
    I do have to say, however those ‘hanging ball lamps’ – had those in a townhouse. Replaced them when I sold the place – hated those lamps. But put them in the closet for the new owner to put back if she so desired.

  5. Lynn-O-Matic says

    Tikimama, that Brock teapot pattern is Forever Yours. I have a bunch of it. I adore it. I collect California pottery and that is the only one I collect that is cutesy, although I love kitsch. What a fantastic find. Congrats to you and everyone else on their amazing finds.

    Seeing the green sink with the black vanity seals the deal for me–I’m going to paint the cabinets in our aqua bathroom black. It’s either that or refinish them, and I’m so in love with the black. Thanks for those pix, Kelly!

  6. Sara Paul says

    That wagon wheel chair!!! and the Danish lamps! and cute teapot but really I was admiring the canister set behind them. And “go for it” on the black painting project Lynn. It will be so satisfying and quick plus what a classic color combo.

  7. JC3 says

    I have two of those wagon chairs–one is a rocker. Where did you find them? Any idea what they’re worth?

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