Mid mod Austin, Texas’ Jennifer Perkins aka Naughty Secretary Club

In order to enhance your viewing experience, I have transcribed my favorite lines in this etsy.com video spotlighting the vintage collectibles of Jennifer Perkins aka Naughty Secretary Club, Austin, Texas. Her quippy quotes pretty much capture the insanity of our whole little mid mod mad world, yup they do:

  • Hell to the yeah I want that beauty parlor chair…
  • How am I gonna say no to free taxidermy?
  • One of my favorite things in my house is my naked picture of Bert Reynolds…
  • I’ll pay you $5 to take ’em so I don’t have to pack ’em up and take ’em home…
  • You just kinda have to keep an open eye for these things…
  • So once I have three, I’m like, why stop now, it’s already a collection…
  • Some people take home decorating way to seriously but not meeee…
  • Let’s all keep our fingers crossed or my house might sink…
  • Be-Safe-graphic2.3

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    1. RetroSandie says

      LOL! Jennifer’s a hoot! I’ll bet you could spend days just looking around and not see everything! I know you showed us your favorite items, but is there one collection that totally warms you heart – that you’d always collect????? Happy hunting!! 🙂

    2. Amy Hill says

      She is just too cute! I really enjoyed the tour of her stuff, and I can so relate to her addiction to collecting! I have shied away from taxidermy, and keep my possessions down to a 15 minute dusting limit, but I really did enjoy watching the video. Thank you for once again making me giggle!

    3. Heidi Swank says

      From here forward I am committed to working the phrase “How am I gonna say no to free taxidermy?” into conversations.

    4. Lynn-O-Matic says

      Jennifer, you are too adorable! I want to move to Austin just so you can be my BFF and I can hang out at your place. What a fun, happy house!

    5. says

      Just showed the Video to Nikki and she is massively Jealous of all the fun stuff in your house. She gives you two thumbs up approval for coolness.

    6. toni says

      Once you have three, it’s a collection. Removed every bit of guilt I have for continually buying another one of something I wanted and found. Why do I need another one? Because the first one was so hard to find! And after you find the first one, they’re falling out of the sky on you.

    7. MrsErinD says

      Love it all!!!!!

      The tropical and asian remind me of my house, only soooo much more, lol!

      I have a few hawaiian souvenir pillows too, love them! And that green radio on the shelf at 00:46 I have the exact same one but in black, it was my grandfathers.

      Just a great happy house!

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