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  1. John says

    Good morning Pam, today I’m working in retail in downtown Northampton but Sunday/Monday will be finishing up winter yard preparations. Need to put patio furniture in the shed,take down screen house and add heater to backyard pond. Might need to mow lawn one last time also.


  2. Amy Hill says

    We’re putting up some new drapes in the living room. Thermal lined to help keep the chill out when we sit & watch tv in the winter. We might put in a new dryer vent, too. I found a more energy efficient one at Amazon,com.
    Then maybe we’ll drive to Athens, GA tonight for dinner at Olive Garden since UGA’s game is an away one this week-end.
    I am craving their lasagna.

  3. Edwin Wilson says

    GOOD for you! Hope you had a good Friday night!

    Trying to finalize decision on the fabric for the middle bedroom pinch-pleat curtains today and get it purchased. And, trying to finalize my decision the color selection for our family room floor……

    Have a great weekend!

  4. says

    Derby practice, then raking leaves.. a little house clean-up/organization, then heading to the martini bar to plan our radio show’s Halloween special! catchin’ a blues band at the martini bar. should be a good time 🙂

    if you like surf/garage/rockabilly tune check out Surfabilly Freakout!

  5. pam kueber says

    Well, I should clarify that we had a rootin’ tootin’ Friday night. DH and I went to our favorite place for dinner – Jimmy’s Restaurant in Pittsfield, where hereforeto red wine and big screen tv’s were consumed along with big plates of chicken parm. I slept like a baby and now, Saturday morning its: Continue my attic and basement cleaning frenzy… But that’s another story, to come.

  6. Carrie says

    Planning my kitchen layout for the 20th? 30th? time…finally decided at least not to make a time capsule but design for what I need now, which is no soffits because I need the storage up there, so see Pam, I listened to your advice to do what I love and need!

  7. Lorna says

    Final preparations for our housewarming party at 3:00! It sure forced us to do a lot of decorating that we hadn’t gotten around to!

  8. Brian says

    Jimmy’s Restaurant I hear is pretty awesome! Next time we’re planning on being over in Pittsfield I’ll shoot you a note and maybe share some wine!

  9. Shane Walp says

    Just got back from vacation last week in Oneonta, NY and Fitchburg, MA. Hit alot of antique shows there and picked up a few trivets for the wall, other display goodies and a KILLER copper lantern-style pull down dining room lamp! Perfect! Now….on to the bathroom. I mean to start its restoration! LOL

  10. Tina says

    I finally put up my living room drapes!

    These pictures aren’t great… taken with my iPhone, but I wanted to share. The drapes are… ta da!… shower curtains. From Wal-Mart! I had them cut in half and hemmed and they just fit the two tallest windows in the room (there are four windows; the two in the front of the house are taller).

    They match the colors and decor of the room perfectly. Here is my living room:

    Here are the shower curtains on the Wal-Mart site:

    They are made of fabric and, although much thinner, have the “nubbiness” and texture of barkcloth. After searching for a couple of years for the perfect window treatments, I love them!

  11. jkaye says

    Getting another estimate on having the exterior trim painted…celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday with some other family members…taking the dog for some walks to enjoy the fall colors around the neighborhood.

  12. Katy says

    Finally getting to spend the weekend sitting on my new-old Ranch Oak Furniture… recently reupholstered, purchased in the 1940’s by my great, great grandfather. Watching football, drinking beer and imagining all the memories of my ancestors that were made on the same furniture I get the privilege of owning now.

  13. Dot says

    Wanted to rake leaves, but rain intervened. So laundry, going through the file cabinets, more laundry. Then to Lowes’s to look at the Pionite samples.

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