Atomic starburst toothbrush holders by Starline

atomic starburst toothbrush holdersThese new-old-stock, vintage Starline starburst bathroom toothbrush and cup holders sold on ebay recently for $49 plus shipping. Aren’t they spectacularly gorgeous? It’s interesting to me that back in the day — from the 1940s through to…. hmmm… the 1970s? — there were so many manufacturers of items like these. The big makers seem to have been Hall-Mack and Miami-Carey — but now here we have Bush Brothers Products Corp. of Little Valley, New York. I did some quick online research, and it appears that the company still exists today as Bush Industries, a manufacturer of office and home entertainment center furniture. They started in 1959 as Starline Housewares, a maker of towel racks and toothbrush holders.

Anyway… if you keep an eagle eye out, atomic starburst bathroom fixtures do come up on ebay now and then… you just gotta wait it out, and meanwhile, save your dough-re-mi, because the prices continue to rise.

vintage chrome toothbrush holders atomic starburst


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    • pam kueber says

      I was away, Lynn, or I would have featured them in my carousel… Although, I don’t always get all the juicy stuff up there…

  1. Glamorlux Nancy says

    This post actually made me scream! I missed these, too. Well, at least it isn’t the whole set – like I missed out on before!

  2. says

    My husband recently got some on ebay under buy it now. Those kind of things on ebay go so quick! He said they were up for 15 minutes when he saw them. We have been trying to find anything starburst for years. We’re slowly finding starburst things here and there. Thanks for posting pics!

  3. Starla says

    I’m not sure if they’re made by the same company, but I have three towel rings that look like they belong with those toothbrush holders. I’ll have to dig them out and see if there is anything stamped on them.

    The towel rings I own were purchased through eBay from somebody located in Australia.

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