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Matt on deck today, sharing his latest vintage treasures — and inviting you to share yours, too. -Pam

So I thought I’d take a little break and share with you all some of the new treasures I’ve gotten for the my room the past couple weeks. Upload your own recent finds at the bottom of post… Pam will then move them to the gallery, below.

To see the slide show, click on the first image, look for the description just below it, and use the arrows there to move forward or back:

Matt writes:

So pretty much right after I did the post on my room, I bought an amazing barrel bar at shop here in Louisville ($10). I think it’s from the 70s, and it has a little metal Made in Japan plaque on the back. When I first found it, there weren’t any glasses inside, but the man had almost the complete set in his van and gave them to me for free!

At the same store I got a hand-made quilt for $9. It’s made up of lil’ rectangles — all different and from what appear to be curtain, dresses, scrap fabric. It’s very well made. When I saw it at distance, I went to pick it up, and as soon as I felt its weight, I knew it was golden.

Then, there was as amazing estate sale this weekend, although I didn’t buy much. I picked out a red velvet matador painting from the living room ($15). I am utterly in love with it — there was another kinda matching one next to it, alas I couldn’t afford it. I was still sad to separate them. Then there was a velvet painting of a horse head, $1 — it goes great with all my country/cowboy stuff. Also, I found a MIB Penetray Hi-Lo desk lamp for $3 (it still had the tag though, & it was originally $20). I was worried it wouldn’t work, since the bulb is funky, but sure enough it did. Super cool & one of my new favorite items…it sorta looks like Wall-E.

Continuing on in my non-stop adventure, at St.Vincent DePaul I discovered a mysterious golden/brass car for $2. It is all solid and weighs like 3lbs, with a big screw on the back (which I put into my entertainment center). Mother and I still can’t figure out what it is — I’m thinking a  piece to a trophy or some type of car ornament? Maybe you all will solve the mystery. Lately I have been fascinated by the Miller Studios chalk plaques. Pam has featured varieties of their fish plaques in a post before, and they’re often in the Ebay slideshows. Well, I’ve acquired quite a Miller Studios collection over the past month or two (never for over $5, it seems). I already showed you all my teapot & saucer in the post on my room — but to keep ‘em company I have : pandas, pigs, tigers, horses and swans. These are perhaps my favorite collection I have going. Finally, my alphabet magnets, $1 from St.Vincent. I was actually looking for them for a while before I found a nice set. It was pretty much figuring out what I could spell out of  a large baggie of random ABC’s — of course, ‘I Love My Bedroom‘.

So what have you found while thrifting recently? Upload your own findsTerms of Use apply:
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To see the slide show, click on the first image, look for the description just below it, and use the arrows there to move forward or back:


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  1. Nancy O says

    Great site. My husband and I “garage sail” every week weather permitting and I find some great stuff for practically nothing. Downloaded a picture of a pencil sharpener, but hadn’t done this yet, so not sure if you’ll use it.

  2. Clarisse Machuca says

    I am super jealous, of you Matt. I love the Miller Studios chalk plaques, but I never seen them for under $20. I’m still waiting to start my collection, hopefully I will get lucky soon.

  3. Linda Blackmore says

    I think your car probably was part of a trophy. Has that look. Old trophys were heavy than the plastic ones now. Great stuff. Wish you were here and I’d give you a truck load of stuff.

  4. Carolyn G says

    I love this site! Thanks for all of the great info and fun articles, Pam! Matt, your collection is fabulous. I’m a long-time lurker, but felt compelled to add my 2 cents when I saw the barrel bar in this post. It may be older than you think–I have what looks to be an identical one, and it was given to my parents as a housewarming gift in the early 60’s. I have six of the glasses, but only two of the shot glasses that went with it. I currently use it as a “spice pantry” of sorts. Enjoy! It’s such a fun piece!

  5. Larry says

    Hey Matt, I’m in Evansville, indiana, about 1.5 hours from Louisville. Where are the hot spots for finding vitange items there? Sometimes I make a road trip to Louisville.

  6. Robert says

    I wish my digital camera still worked. 🙁
    Found some great Collingwood stoneware mugs not long ago in yellowish beige.
    (Same colour as the box I’m typing this in.) with a splotchy flower print. They’re from the mid ’70’s.
    They seem to scream “Look how mod I am!” at decibel levels that rival a Jet taking off.

  7. Rufus Valentine says

    Matt, great job on your collections!!! Your rooms are fun, alive, and colorful!

    You’re starting out just like I did when I was at your age… which was a while ago. One of the coolest part-time jobs I had when I was in college was working for antique vendors in an antique mall. The place was a late 19th century building with offices on the second floor, and each office was its own shop. Whenever a dealer wanted to take a day or two off I filled in by hanging out in the shop space, cleaning, reading reference guides, and selling. I learned a lot in a short time, but the best thing I learned from the most eclectic and interesting dealer was this: “Collect what you love — don’t collect what you think will impress your friends or what’s most likely to increase in value. If it speaks to you and brings you pleasure, take it home and let it work its magic.” He was absolutely correct.

    Keep us updated on your finds — you’re well on your way to a remarkable adventure.

  8. Rufus Valentine says

    Oh, and with regard to recently-acquired cool stuff:

    I rescued a tall dresser with four graduated drawers from the curb down the block a couple of weeks ago. It was a pink nightmare, but I could tell from the clean lines — no hardware, it has a fingergrip cutout on the bottom of each drawer — that it was a substantial piece of furniture. I dragged it home a couple of pieces at a time and started gently scraping the paint off. Turns out it’s walnut veneers and solids by Harmony House (I’m guessing late 40s). The coolest part is the way the drawer fronts are book-matched veneers set on the diagonal, giving it a chevron appearance. There are a few bumped edges and a couple of missing bits of veneer, but overall the piece is tight and free from stains and water damage.

    When I get it cleaned up I’ll post before and after shots!

  9. JAson says

    Pam…..wasn’t there a video on your website/blog recently featuring the Frigidaire French Door stoves from 56,57 & 58? I cannot find it anymore. I finally got a 30″ stove…Frigidaire 1956 model RI-39-56. Should be here week before thanksgiving.

    • Bernie says

      I just bought a Frigidare stove just like yours. Where can I find out more info on it. I need parts. It’s a RI-39-56. Would appreciate any help. Thanks,

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