Let’s help Bernadette find a cheerful floor to coordinate with a boomerang countertop

boomerang countertop with plaid floorMy recent frenzy of flooring posts (and there are more to come!) resulted from a recent note from a reader asking for help in finding the floor peeking out from the underneath the diner countertop above. Bernadette writes:

I am purchasing the Formica boomerang laminate for a countertop in my laundry room in aqua, and would like to purchase the flooring used in the photo on the Formica website.  I would like to purchase this flooring, but even Formica does not know anything about it when I called today! Very frustrating! Any help you can provide would be welcome.  Thanks!

After I received Bernadette’s note, I started looking all over online to find a floor that had, at the very least, a similar feel to the one above. I remember this style being popular circa 1994 – I was renovating the Michigan house then, and recall that the style — in a vinyl sheet — was quite popular. But today: I can’t find Anything with the look. HELP! A prize from Pammy’s treasure chest to the reader who finds the best possibility — if there is one!


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  1. Sarah says

    I don’t know of anything contemporary, but there is a bathroom floor in my mom’s house exactly like this! It’s achieved with 3 sizes of ceramic tile. (The house was built in 1937 but it may have been fixed up about 10 years later). I’m not sure how pleasant that would be in a kitchen, though (although I have seen tiles that small in kitchens before).

  2. says

    You can get that colour and the aqua one at Home Depot. I saw them the other day in the counter tops area. I live in Ottawa Canada but Im sure its the same at all Home Depots. Its a custom order but its available and looks just like that, boomerang and all.

  3. says

    I just came across this site when trying to search for more brown cathrineholm pieces to match the one I found at the thrift store for 2.00 yesterday! You have a great page here- I’m a follower now! 😀

  4. Kat R&D says

    I just finished my months long vinyl selection process so I just so happened to have a Mannington and Armstrong catalog of the current patterns they offer right next to my computer. While I didn’t find anything similar in the Mannington book I did find some kinda-sorta-not-really-but-close patterns in the Armstrong one.



  5. Lynne says

    My suggestion would be for Bernadette to try the back corners of the remnant rooms at the small flooring stores. They can keep some pretty old stuff. I recently got a length of aqua and pink speckled inlaid vinyl for my laundry room for .50 a square foot. Six feet wide, and they had a huge roll of it, even in a few other colorways. I’m not sure where Bernadette lives, or how big of an area she is wanting to cover, but I can drive over and take a look-see what “Ralph’s Flooring Fashions” has to offer!

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