Tin Can Tillie dolls from Sundance

tin-can-dolls‘Tis the season… the catalogs are starting to arrive in my mailbox en force. And it might be just the ones I’m getting… or it might be what I look for… But I am pretty sure there is a strengthening trend — even building on the strength last year — toward gifts that are handmade and vintage-collage-y. These Tin Can Tillie Dolls from Sundance are one-of-kind handmade by artists Marsha and John Finks, using salved cans and bisque doll parts, beads and tulle. $275.

Now, that’s a lot of money… so you can certainly try making trinkets like this yourself — lord knows I have enough “ephemera” around for an army of Tillies… Note, however: I took another sweater-making workshop with Crispina ffrench last week, and while I had a blast and enjoyed the creative process a lot, it became clear to me yet again that the secret to making trash look like treasure is in the Artistry and Craftsmanship of it all. And that takes a lot of practice. Like — 10,000 hours, according to authors like Malcolm Gladwell. Hence: Why artists charge real money for their work. Link: Tin Can Tillie Dolls on Sundance.


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  1. Rufus Valentine says


    Sorry, not my thing. I’d prefer the tine in a shadow box arrangement, untouched.

    Please don’t let the folks at regretsy.com see this… It’ll blow their minds.

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