900 pieces of vintage Weslock mid century kitchen cabinet pulls

vitnage-weslock-cabinet-hardwareOver on the Retro Renovation Facebook Fan Page, Michael posted this fabulous find:

I just bought a couple cartons of new-old-stock mid-century hardware from an estate sale. I’m going to use some of the knobs/plates on my closet doors and kitchen cupboards, but since there are over 900 pieces I’m going to have to sell the rest. What’s the best site for selling this type of thing? eBay? Somewhere else? Thanks!

Wow! I’ve never seen vintage kitchen cabinet hardware quite like this before. I told him “ebay.” He says he’ll send the link when all this NOS deliciousness is available for purchase. Thanks, Michael!


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  1. William says

    I would be very interested in purchasing some of this collection. I have designed a bunch period inspired furniture that I want to start on in 2011, and would love to add some original, hardware made in the good ole USA!

    How can we connect together?


    • pam kueber says

      EVERYONE: I do not want this post to turn into a buy/sell queue. When Michael posts the stuff on ebay, I’ll put up the link, okay?

    • William says

      Ok, great. I will look forward to it. The majority of cabinet hardware today is made in, you know where. There is still a real small amount still made here and real nice stuff from Europe, but this collection has some good looking items and good quality I am sure.

  2. Maryanna says

    Ooh, I love that square design. It almost looks like the one in the upper left corner of this photo has a copper finish. Maybe it’s just a reflection though. In any case they all are lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Amy Jeannette says

    Wow! I have to start running with this crowd – never see stuff like this at the auctions and sales I’m able to get to LOL!

  4. Gavin Hastings says

    Other than at my house….I think the best place to sell them would be E-bay.

    2 weeks ago, myself and several others purchased vintage robe hooks thought the RR site. 10 bucks a pop, everyone wins! Good luck.

  5. Joe says

    I’d be interested in a couple for my bathroom since my Geneva Kitchen already has matching pulls and I plan on redoing the bathroom next. Instead of eBay, why not use the forums that are built into this site?

  6. Gavin Hastings says

    When you list them:

    Please organize each different style and list them as 12 available or 8 available…so that bidders can get the amount they need for a project.

    I would sell these as “Buy It Now”

    Also…you know how much you invested in these items…by including shipping in your bid price, you will save yourself hours of questioning about shipping cost to destinations all over the world..

    Be$t Wi$he$ !

  7. Bryan Wood says

    And as I’ve said on here before, Liz’s Antique Hardware has thousands of NOS mid century hardware. I used to work there. They are primarily known for Victorian thru 1920s stuff, but Liz herself has a mid century house and she has bought the stuff whenever she’s found it. The website is not the easiest to browse, but give it a look:


    • pam kueber says

      Retro Renovators must be both humble and patient in order for the Retro Decorating Gods to deem them worthy and bestow such treasures upon them.

  8. Michael says

    Hi everyone,

    I’m glad there are others out there who are as excited by this find as I was! I’ve installed the ones I needed in my own home but am left with a huge amount. The square knobs come in two sizes and three finishes: flat black, brass and (yes, Maryanna) copper. The backplates are squares/diamonds (available in brushed or chrome), ovals and boomerangs (chrome only), and circles (flat black only). I used the flat black circles with large copper pulls on my closet doors and they look great.

    I will spend some time this weekend taking better photos and I will let Pam know when I’ve listed them on eBay. It’s been a good week– the daughter of the original owner of my house sent me a number of awesome photos taken shortly after it was built, and it looks like I’ve finally located a great mid-century curved sectional for the livingroom too! It’s being delivered Saturday (fingers crossed). ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Ashley Amidon says

    Hi, I wanted to chime in and recommend Etsy as a place to sell – ebay has the instant gratification part because you can sell it in 6 days (or however long) but Etsy might be good for some of the larger/better pieces that you don’t mind hanging on to to get a better price for.

    hope that helps, and congrats on the lucky buy!

  10. Jeff says

    Michael, super find!

    I happen to have the square within square pulls myself, as well as the chevron style backplates.

    I’ve been buying hardware for years, and have literally thousands of pieces.

    Best of luck with selling them, it should be too difficult!

  11. Michael says

    Hi again,

    Another update on the hardware… I’ve been so busy decking the halls for our first Christmas in the new home that I haven’t had a chance to take proper photographs and put the listing up on eBay. I think I’ll wait until after the holidays now, as I’m sure most people are not thinking about this kind of a purchase at the moment. I’ll post again when they’re listed.

    “Happy Holidays” everyone!

    PS: And I *did* get the mcm sectional– it’s fabulous and completely makes the living room. Yay, Kijiji!

  12. Alida says

    I found my mother’s original kitchen 1947 pulls which look just like the repro ones today. I reinstalled and they look great. My mother, bless her, had tucked them away in a shoebox marked kitchen pulls wrapped in paper towels. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Amy says

    OMG!!!! Once again Pam your blog has helped me reveal the hidden treasures in our home!! First it was the gorgeous Starburst Certile in the guest bathroom now I believe I have discovered the mystery source of our kitchen cabinet pulls. (Weslock)!!! We have a version of the solid copper square hardware in our 1962 ranch. CRAZY!!! Thanks again for your wonderful blog and I look forward to finding out more about my home through your posts.

  14. says

    Hey Pam,
    Great find – wow!
    I’ll get a blast out to the architects, designers and cabinet makers in our shows.

    Our 6th Annual Good Earth Home, Garden & Living Show in a week is packed with people renovating homes too. I think I can insert a link to your ebay finds in the show directory as a great resource!

    We’ve got bring you back to Eugene – people are still telling us how good and educational your seminars were.

    All the best in a Retro New Year!
    Karen & the Eugene Home Show Gang

  15. Jerry says

    I know this is years later than this blog started, but I also have the square within a square in two different sizes and am missing one large and one medium size one. I’ve been looking everywhere trying to find them. If anyone knows a good source, please share.

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