Retro bathroom sink faucets from Chicago Faucets

faucets for a bathroom sink

Here is a newly discovered option for a mid century bathroom sink faucet. Note, the hexagonal base of the levers — that touch gives this faucet from Chicago Faucets a mid century feel, to me — I had these hexes on my original towel bars, for example. Mostly, I think that bathroom faucets for 1940s, 1950s, 1960s or 1970s bathrooms need to be on the simple side. No Victorian steroids and no Euro modern tubular projections. I used a Chicago Faucets faucet for my 1963 kitchen restoration — love it. Hefty. Note, this company has a variety of faucets in this basic style, in a variey of spreads. Check them out here: Bathroom and kitchen faucets from Chicago Faucets.


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