How to describe your use furniture on craiglist

If in doubt, here’s a handy dandy guide to create your craigslist ads — or to defend yourself against the marketing hyperbole. Used with permission from the super-talented Lunchbreath: Thank you, Mr. LB, it’s serious work to keep us laughing at ourselves. I spotted this via houseblogger Our Austin Home <–always credit your sources, bloggers, good blogger karma.


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  1. J.R. says

    Seems to me this flowchart is already well in use! Gotta admit, very little is more frustrating than dealing with sellers who don’t know what they have but expect it is worth a fortune, or who mislabel items with a ton of tags that do not apply to the item. Here’s a hint… list and label honestly… the people who will actually pay good money for your junk will find you and have an easier time of it!

  2. Amy Hill says

    I always includes measurements. And Ditto what he said about being honest. Include as many details as you can. True collectors will salivate.

  3. says

    Another great thing about crediting your source? Creating a gateway for your readers to find even more resources. I clicked through to read the blog, because we just moved from Austin (miss it!) and was curious to see a blog I hadn’t found while I was there. From that blog, I found Crestview Doors. I’ve been trying to find doors that excite me, rather than bore me and – BING! – there they are! And they are in Austin! Even though we’ve moved, we’re still close and still have family there. So awesome! I’m thrilled. You just helped me make some decisions I thought would take days … all in about 15 min. Nice. 🙂

    • pam kueber says

      🙂 Creating community is what it’s all about. Hey: Crestview just came on as an advertiser here last week!

      • says

        OK, I’m having a huge “small world’ moment. As I dug more on the Crestview web site, I realized that it’s owned by an acquaintance (a friend of many mutual friends) back in Austin. How on earth I’d never stumbled on her web site is beyond me. I guess we just get what we need when we need it! I’m still just shaking my head and laughing over here. Thanks! 😉

  4. Dave says

    I ebay browse a lot and people seem to label every thing as Eames. I’ve seen everything from a French Provincial credenza to an Early American milk glass table lamp described as Eames. If it was made between 1930 and 1980, it’s got Eames slapped on the item description. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

    • Michelle Spencer says

      Ah, but if you look closely, you may find it’s actually labeled “Eames Era”, which of course makes it okay.

      I also love how everything old is “Art Deco.” Every. Thing.

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