Mood board for a retro orange kitchen

My 2011 decorating color of the year is: Orange. I love the whole mad mod rainbow of mid mod colors, but for the first “declaration” ever, I chose orange. I guess because: It is my favorite color, and pretty much has been my whole life. On any given day of the week, I collect about 10 photos of retro prettiness, and looking at my recent-photo-library, yes, I’m awash in orange. So, I made this silly mood board built around those fantastic orange 1970s kitchen appliances. Because orange is a color you cannot take too seriously. Sources, starting at 11 p.m. o’clock:

*Disclosure: is an advertiser, this is not a paid shout-out, though. Just love that paper — wonderwall, indeed!


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  1. says

    I’m a big orange fan, too – have you read the blog How About Orange? Jessica is a great designer, and she posts lots of fun orange things.

    We had one of the “God Bless This Pad” wall hangings (not pillow) in the sewing studio where I taught in Austin. I looooooooved it, and coveted it for my own space. I wish I could find a kit as well, ’cause I’d love to be able to just stitch it myself instead of buying it pre-done.

    Finally, one of my favorite things in our new house is the light fixture in the breakfast area – it reminds me of the one you posted above:

    I get giddy every time I see it (and turn it on – the switch is a push button one!) I just want to hug the woman who lived in this house for putting in such cool stuff! 😉

  2. Tava Young says

    Loving the orange also. For Christmas we purchased a mid-century modern free-standing fireplace, an early majestic beautiful orange with red at the flue connections. Still waiting, now impatiently for installation. Anyway, looks super groovy just standing in the room. 🙂

    • says

      Hi Tava!!

      I found your comment while searching for info about freestanding fireplaces. I recently purchased an orange one and am not sure about how to install it or the specific safety requrements. Can you tell me anything you’ve learned since getting yours? I’d be forever grateful!!!!!!!!

      Much thanks,


  3. says

    Orange is my absolute favorite. I had it when I had a larger kitchen in North Hollywood. Since I like ORANGE ORANGE and not “peach”, it doesn’t work in my small kitchen on the walls, but several of my small appliances are orange, so they “pop” against the “new avocado” green I have on the walls now.

    It must be an “I grew up in the 70’s” thing….

    YAY Orange!

  4. James Lehr says

    The reddish-orange appliances are by Frigidaire when it was made by GM. I remember they had a color line in the mid 70s that broke the avocado-harvest gold convention; they were designed to coordinate with the “flame” color that could be found on lots of small appliances, canisters, cookware, kitchen decor, etc. of the same era. Notice the refrigerator on reruns of “Roseanne” sometime!

  5. says

    Oranges work in so many styles and decades. My Mom went a little orange-nuts when they built a new house in 1970. The halfbath was—and still is—particularly orange, as seen here and here. I love that wastebasket, which is like padded plastic over cardboard, much like a 3-ring binder of the era. You can see how she’s taped up one corner seam many times.

  6. Patty says

    My sister’s favorite color was orange so we had orange floral curtains and matching bedspreads in the ’70s. Later I took the curtains to college. I loved them.

  7. vintigchik says

    For some cool Orange kitchen ideas watch “That 70s Show”. Both Kitty and Midge have great orange accents in their kitchens. I love them both!

  8. Jennifer says

    Just picked all the paint colors for my 1954 cape. Dining room is Invigorate orange from SW. BF and family all think I am out of my mind. I think it is fantastic.

  9. sandy retroSpective says

    Wow, it’s rare that I meet a fella orange lover!!! My fave colours are orange, and certain green shades such as lime, apple green, chartreuse…Cheerful, punchy, dramatic… these are the opposite of insipid wallflower colours! I am so NOT a beige bland gal!

    There is a local company that makes mid-century inspired furniture — I am in no way associated with it — and here is a link to their awesome sofa in glorious orange:

    • Lynn-O-Matic says

      Oooh, Sandy, I’ve had my eye on their stuff for a while on eBay. Any ideas on the quality? It looks nice, and prices seem reasonable.

      • sandy retroSpective says

        I agree that their prices seem quite reasonable. They are on facebook & Etsy, too. I haven’t yet seen their stuff in person, but am hoping to soon. I want to get that diagonal shelving unit.

  10. cynthia says

    in the early – mid 70s my brother’s room had orange/rust carpet, dark walnut (real wood) paneling, and bedspread of orange/rust, yellow and black on a white background. the furniture was “campaign style” in walnut veneer with brass hardware.

    i used to hate orange but now i like it, as an accent color.

  11. Jkaye says

    We had practically no orange in the decor of our house in the 1970s (lots of harvest gold, avocado green, and whatever the blue color was called.) But, I remember that one Christmas, probably ’73, I received an orange sweater with a orange, pink, and white print blouse to wear with it. Loved that combo! I use those two colors together all the time in my flower beds, along with touches of yellow and purple.

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