Greatest hits: The 50 most popular stories about renovating a 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s house

1946 pyrex kitchen

Measuring the popularity of stories on the blog is a very inexact science. What makes for “popular?” The number of comments? The number of views? The amount of time readers actually spend reading the story? And how do I adjust these for growing readership? Heck. For this first scannola, I’ll make it easy, and spotlight the top-50, most-clicked-on stories since 2007. What lures you in? Paint colors. Vintage drainboard sinks. Bathroom tile. Vintage wallpaper. Curb appeal. Oh – and Nora and her time capsule house :) .

The posts with the most views, by category:

Readers’ Houses & Time Capsules:

Retro Paint Colors:

For Kitchen Renovations:

For Bathroom Renovations:

Vintage-style Wallpaper and Accessories:

Other Rooms:

Improving Curb Appeal:

Mid-century Architecture, History, and This ‘n That:

Readers, do you remember the exact first story
you ever found and read on Retro Renovation?
What were you looking for, that brought you here?




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  1. Holley says

    I happily stumbled across your site when I “GoOgLeD” something like ‘old 1940’s kitchens,’ ‘time capsule houses,’ something like that.. so happy I did!! Awesome site — Thank you so much!

  2. Ted says

    Found this site today after a friend sent me a link to the story about that guy Cullen and his amazing apartment. Neat site. I’m not sure what is more amazing – all the great photos of stuff I like or how everyone who comments seems to be named Sarah, Heather or Betty. =)

  3. Helene says

    I found Retro Renovation because I’m researching my parents’ belongings. They both passed away in 2009 & I want to find new loving homes for their retro stuff (a 1959 bedroom set, a 1970’s avocado/green glass hanging lamp, vintage Drexel furniture, lots of kitchen stuff & more). I’m happy to see so many people love the stuff & value its history… finding good retro homes for their possessions is more important to me than the money!

  4. MCM is Grand says

    OK…personal confession time…I came across this site because I was planning to GUT the pink bathroom when we purchased our 1955 home…but soon realized that was neither a wise nor affordable option (and still is not), so instead I decided to replace some of the chipped tile……I googled “pink tile” and VOILA! Up pops retrorenovation and along with it, a new appreciation of all things MCM..

    Now, three years later, I am bragging about our pink bathroom, and of course this site is my first stop when I check my favorite blogs each day…(PS I will share more once I finally complete the period-appropriate renovations…..)

  5. Melissa says

    I found this site while looking for ideas for renovating the kitchen in my 1938 home. The first article I read was
    I love the way this kitchen has been done up. I still have no idea what I am going to do with my own kitchen, mostly because I live in Newfoundland, Canada and am not able to get most things I need to remodel the kitchen. The kitchen was renovated at some point since it has gold painted cabinets and a stainless double sink with laminate floors. I would love to use a deep blue as the main colour in my ‘new’ kitchen with white cabinets but it may be a while yet before I get that far.

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