18 sizes of metal rims for kitchen and bathroom sinks — hudee ring supplier found!

metal ring for 1950s kitchen and bathroom sinks

I am so excited! We have found a supplier for replacement metal “hudee rings” — those metal rims that go around the edge of vintage kitchen and bathroom sinks. Vance Industries offers these stainless steel sink rims in at least 18 sizes — 17 rectangles, one round, and they say to “contact us for oblong sizes.”  Finding replacement hudee rings has been a longstanding want and need of Retro Renovators.
ad for metal ring around vintage bathroom sink

Back a ways, I posted this advertisement (above) from the original hudee ring company — Hudee Manufacturing — that pointed out that there were some 1,062 hudee ring sizes at one one point in time. 1,062! Now, at least, we have a source for 18 of them.

In fact, the manufacturer of this metal sink rims, Vance Industries, says on its website that it has been in business for nearly 60 years — making it mid century authentic — and moreover, that its “…Vance patented Undermounter [is] the original seamless stainless steel sink frames (mounting rims).” I will have to give Vance a call and get the 411 on all this history and who-was-who-doing-what.

How did I make this hudeerrific discovery? Roundabout through reader Jon. Thank you, Jon!

Where to get these sink rims: 18+ sizes of metal rims for your kitchen or bathroom sink from Vance Industries.  Be sure to see their mounting clip section, too.


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  1. Janet Gore says

    During the past three weeks, we have had two bathroom countertops replaced …. I kept reminding EVERYONE working on the project about the Hudee rings … “irreplaceable” was my word of the day. I think “they” were petrified … all turned out fine. Well, I don’t intend to replace any more countertops, but it’s good to know that others will not be faced with “the fear of the Hudee”!!!!

  2. says

    Hi Pam!
    Can you hear me singing the “hallelelujah” chorus from Florida right now?! Last year when we remodeled our 1959 ranch kitchen back to 1959 from 1980, I got a new Kohler cast iron drop in sink and ever since, I hate the caulk line under the rim of the sink that shows the spacers they had to use to get it level and have been dying to find a hudee ring to see if I can make it work; and, once again, thanks to RR I can find one and try it!

    You and your readers never cease to amaze me and I have used your website to find my Dishmaster in my kitchen, vintage style replacement tiles for my bathroom (when we had to have our whole house replumbed last August), metal trim for my Formica Turquoise Boomerang countertops and so much more. Keep it comin’ Pam!

    • pam kueber says

      hey milster, check with kohler — i would be totally shocked if they didn’t have a replacement rim for their own sinks they are selling today!

      • says

        Kohler does sell the metal rims! We just got our Tahoe sinks in a couple of weeks ago. I ordered them through Amazon, but did not realize the metal rims didn’t come with the sinks (’cause the product name included “metal rim” and had pictures of it and no link to the related product) I searched on the Kohler web site and found them. You can also search on Amazon for them – ours ended up coming from an overstock place.

        Between the sinks and these rad faucets I found, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a vanity in my life.

        Thanks for the resources, Pam! I first saw the Tahoe sink here & coveted it immediately. So excited we were able to get them! 🙂

  3. Jon Hunt says

    You’re welcome! BTW, the same manufacturer sells a nifty built-in cutting board with a steel rim. We found a 16×20 hole in our countertop when we ripped up some granite tile that we had NO idea about — I’m 90% sure one of these sat in there at one point. They make a quite vintage-looking version with pictures of spices on it. You can’t lose!

    Plus, their customer service department is really helpful! No, I don’t work for them, I swear.

    • Ann-Marie Meyers says

      OMG! My parents have one of these, and when I tried to find one 15 years ago, I was told there was no such thing. Hoooray. (But I will keep it a secret until tomorrow.)

    • pam kueber says

      thank you janice — and others. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it when uncover new resources like this. at this point — readers are sending me tips galore, how fun is it to have so many folks combining efforts like this!!

  4. says

    My original Hudee ring is old and a little dented, but we reused it anyway when we remodeled the kitchen, because we thought re-use was the only option. So great to hear we might have an alternative if ever needed. Pam, your site ROCKS!

  5. Vickie Leon says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! So I can keep the 1950’s stainless steel sink which is superior to the ones in stores now.

  6. Eldemila says

    I’m trying to update a 1960’s bathroom with oil rubbed bronze fixtures while keeping the original sink – wondering if the ring could be painted to match the faucet? Has anyone ever attempted to do this, and be successful? I’m wondering how durable it would be in the long run.

  7. Britt R. says

    Has anyone had luck in replacing the hudee ring without damaging the countertop (as opposed to replacing the countertop)? I’d like to keep both the pink Crane drop-in sink and original formica countertop in my bathroom in good shape, and only replace the ring, which has gotten dulled and a little corroded.

  8. Nancy Zimerman says

    I have a sink that needs the hudee ring replaced [not sure how old the sink is – I thought no more than 15 years old]. but the ring is rusted. I found this site as the pictures look just like mine – except the ladies looks nicer though!

    I have read through your site and unable to figure out where to puchase a replacement ring. Thanks for your reply in advance.

      • Nancy Zimmerman says

        Thank you Pam, I missed that link for sure. My size is not in that listing, whether I measure from the actual outside or the inside.

        Thank you.

  9. Scott says

    Okay, I’m late to the Hudee Ring party, but now that I’m rapidly closing in replacing my kitchen countertop this is suddenly important… and very exciting that these are still being made.

    I have a potentially quite dopey question… is there a trick, besides being the same size, to picking a sink that is compatible with the trim rings? Anything special I should be looking for?

  10. Lori says

    I purchased a “hudee ring” from Vance industries for my cast iron sink. Problem is it did not work with my cast iron sink. I was told by customer service that it does work for cast iron sinks, but I assure you the part of the ring that goes between sink and countertop was too short to allow the tabs to be pushed under the sink. I am distraught because I have refinished my sink, cut the hole for the sink in my new countertop, and want my kitchen sink back!!! I was told thisos the only type they manufacture and I can send it back and thanks for my business. 🙁 no resolution to the problem of I can’t install my sink!!! Please help! Anyone know of any other companies making/selling Hudee rings?

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Lori, I contacted the president of the company on your behalf. He says that as long as your sink was designed to be installed with a sink frame (hudee ring) their product does work. But — it sounds like your installer needs additional instruction. The president company asked me to give you his email so that your issue can be resolved. I will do so via an email directly to you.

  11. Irish says

    I -like every other male dummy-put something hot on a formica countertop causing it to bubble up. Years ago I saw a wood cutting board with a hudee ring ( about 6’x8″ or 8″x!0″ ) embedded in a countertop and I think it would be perfect for this repair. Now ,however, when I ask I have found no one who knows what a hudee ring is. Can anyone help?

  12. Jill says

    Do I really NEED a stainless ring under my sink? My husband and I “rescued” a beautiful vintage Kohler sink from a re/up-cycle outfit and we opted not to purchase a ring from the pile of dented, warped, rusty, scratched rings. Counter tops went in today, and the sink seems to sit level…Do I really need one? What is the actual purpose?

  13. Jan says

    my countertop was replaced but the square hole for a rounded off sink left small gaps at the front edge does the ring work on a new stainless sink

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