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sonneman orbital lamp found at goodwill for $25I am going through some serious withdrawal. There has not been an estate sale for weeks and weeks – not since this 1974 time capsule house in late January. I am forced to hunt and peck and occasionally bite on ebay and etsy, but it is no substitute for serious basement-attic-closet-and-piles-o-digging. Alas, when will my pain end. But perhaps you can cheer me up — by uploading your recent thrifty finds for all to share — vintage: vicarously. Like: Nathan’s Sonneman Orbital lamp found at Goodwill for $25. Oh my! Click on through — and upload photos of your vintage treasure right now for all to see –>.

Upload your own finds below… Please give a nice description, okay? 🙂  Note, Terms of Use apply:
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  1. Jan Rader says

    That penguin bucket from Jane! My mom had one that she got for her wedding in 1955. Even though it was meant to be an ice bucket, we always used it to keep rolls hot at dinner. Well, that was fine when we were a little family of four or five. But when we grew up and the family was suddenly ten, and then when my kids grew up and we now have up to twenty at Thanksgiving and other family get-togethers, one just never held enough crescent rolls! So one day, my husband and I found one (my mom, for at least forty years, thought she had the only one on earth!) at a flea market, then my brother found one at an estate sale, and now she has three! I guess we’ll each inherit one someday long in the future! So funny to see it here – and it’s being used for one of my favorite things – compost!

  2. Charlotte says

    Jana B’s finds are making me drool! That amazing chair was only $20?! Sometimes living in the city (with its inflated prices) can be a drag.

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