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sonneman orbital lamp found at goodwill for $25I am going through some serious withdrawal. There has not been an estate sale for weeks and weeks – not since this 1974 time capsule house in late January. I am forced to hunt and peck and occasionally bite on ebay and etsy, but it is no substitute for serious basement-attic-closet-and-piles-o-digging. Alas, when will my pain end. But perhaps you can cheer me up — by uploading your recent thrifty finds for all to share — vintage: vicarously. Like: Nathan’s Sonneman Orbital lamp found at Goodwill for $25. Oh my! Click on through — and upload photos of your vintage treasure right now for all to see –>.

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  1. says

    I don’t get to many estate sales these days, and Portland seems to get scoured pretty well for vintage goodies, so I uploaded a pic of a wood trivet that recently came to us from my mother-in-law’s estate. My husband made it in wood shop class in the early seventies and it has a sweet, funky, retro charm.

    Also in the picture also is a retro item we were gifted with. It’s a lovely penguin ice bucket, but we don’t drink so many cocktails these days(!) so we re-purposed it to serve as our compost container by the sink. It’s great to look at every day and is just the right size for the job. I love having a beautiful retro item that I can actually use on a daily basis!

    • CindyD says

      Jane, that’s genius! I love the compost/ice bucket idea! Oddly, my grandma used to use hers for dinner rolls – they didn’t drink much either.

    • TappanTrailerTami says

      Hi Jane,

      I never thought of the Penguin container as an ice bucket (I run into particular piece fairly often) – usually I see it listed or described as an insulated cold salad server! Like, for your jello salads, ambrosia salads, and similar. But, ice would work too, and LOVE the idea as a compost bucket!


    • Shari says

      Hi —

      I used my penguin ice bucket for many years to make yogurt in. I had a stainless bowl which fit it well and I insulated the cover with some foam.

  2. Linda Blackmore says

    Pam thought you’d like some history on your Penguin piece. I have one that belonged to my mother. It came from the Quality Stamp Store. Everybody must have had one, as I see them a lot here at estate sales and auctions. She used hers for hot food, however. She always carried green beans or turnip greens to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners in it, and we always think of it now at those dinners as I try to do the same thing. I put hot water in it for about an hour, and them the hot food. I usually put a rubber band over the top from handle to handle so it doesn’t spill.
    (sidenote) Did you get the email from me re: Commercial Appeal article MCM house preservation series with pictures?

    • pam kueber says

      penguin ice bucket not mine – note the text, it belongs to jane aka mulchmaid. i think i got your email but as usual – swamped. will go look. thanks!

    • Larry says

      Hi – I have the same ice bucket plus the penquin decanter that matches. It was in my grandmother’s basement on the bar when I was growing up. I was pretty darn excited when she gave it to me. I’ll see if i can dig it out tonight. I just moved so it’s packed away but it’s not far!

      • Patty says

        I never thought about using the Penguin for anything hot.. I think they were a very popular wedding gift in the 50s. Mom promised hers to my sister, but I got mine from a lady at church – one of my childhood Sunday school teachers — when she was clearning out stuff. It’s been sitting on my kitchen counter for 20 years. I use it for ice. Both ladies are gone now, but I can’t look at it without remembering both of them. I’ve always loved the design..

        I have the black and white card table set….inherited from an aunt.

  3. Kim says

    I got a near complete service for 12 of Canonsburg Temporama on Friday at Sally’s. I’ll try to upload, I know my pic is big.

  4. John says

    Hi Jane, great idea for the penquin ice bucket!! I have been using an empty plastic coffee can but I have the same ice bucket so I think I will switch. Thanks for a great suggestion!!

    John aka AtomicHipster

  5. cinnabar says

    Great idea on the ice bucket. I was just trying to find a better container for the countertop compost.
    New here love the site too.

    • pam kueber says

      Welcome, cinnabar! I love the ice bucket for compost idea, too. I will have to do a post about that! A compost-post! :)

    • Shelly says

      Flour & sugar canisters work great for compost, too! Vintage plastic ones are easy to find and kitchen scraps won’t interact with the plastic.

  6. Heather S. says

    Pam, how funny. I just saw one of these Design-a-House kits at an estate sale this past week and almost bought it. The ebay seller isn’t in OK, are they? 😉

  7. Wade says

    Hi Pam,

    I just sent a picture of a desk I found recently. I also found a catalog online which includes this item and ordered it. The catalog is filled with pictures of very cool furniture and I believe the designer to be Lawrence Peabody, but I’m not sure.

    I’d love more information about the line if anyone else has it.

    I’m almost embarrassed to say that I spent less than $150 for both the desk and the catalog, but I think that qualifies it as a thrifty find :-)

    Thank you for your hard work on the blog. I’m a regular reader.

    • pam kueber says

      Wow, Wade — the desk / divider is beautiful! Welcome out of your lurking and into our commenting world! :)

      • Wade says


        Thank you. I’ll try to lurk less and be more social *chuckle*

        Really appreciate your resources and sense of humor.

  8. vintage_vantage says

    I love seeing everyone’s finds! Its like shopping without the money! Ill take one of those, and one of those…

  9. Steve G. says

    Such great finds! What treasures you all have found.

    I really, really need to get my new laptop updated with my photo software… The area I live in — Grand Rapids, Michigan — is full of thrifty Dutch households who never threw anything useful out. Goodwill stores continue to amaze me with something awesome every week. And as the weather warms a bit, I’m getting excited for the garage and estate sale season to bloom!

    Thanks, Pam!

  10. Dot says

    This weekly post always brings back fond memories of my mother, who never passed up a garage and/or estate sale!! Plus I love looking at all the cool buys.

  11. priscilla says

    I bought the same floor lamp (in the original post) for $20 at a tag sale this fall. Glad to have a name for it.

  12. Kevin says

    Looks like something happened with the thumbnail on my picture upload and my comment got dropped, but picked up those fireplace tools for $15 bucks at a local furniture consignment store. Love the simplicity of them!

    • pam kueber says

      hi kevin, yes – there was no comment so i added the info. i could see it was yours from the other shot you submitted. GREAT FIND – I think these MCM fireplace tool sets are very desirable!

    • pam kueber says

      Kevin – I rotated your photo and reloaded it… also added a bit of description from your comment….

  13. lara says

    I posted the Glass Picks – Does anyone know what they would have been for? Wedding Cake – to hold liqour?

  14. 75Heather says

    Pam, I tried to post two pics of a yellow boomerang-esque patio table this morning but not sure if I messed it up because I don’t see them? It was before I had any coffee, so it’s pretty likely I jacked it up. 😉

    • pam kueber says

      hey, heather, I went and looked and it was there — so i set it free. sorry i missed it earlier, there are so many photos now that i’m getting a little crosseyed checking what’s been set free and what hasn’t. cool patio table!!

      • 75Heather says

        In light of the success of the FB crew on identifying Lara’s Toastettes, any possibility of posting my table to see if they can ID it? Pretty please? =D

    • Kevin says

      Heather – I am totally diggin’ that boomerang patio table. Can’t give you any more info about them but they are very cool! My parents used to have wrought-iron patio furniture back in the early sixties and I remember that some pieces were painted black and some were painted a pale turquoise… the turquoise might be another option to consider when you repaint them. Congratulations!

      • 75Heather says

        Thanks, Kevin! As soon as I laid my eyes on the table, I knew I had to have it! LOL.

        Aqua is definitely one of the colors I’m considering – I’m on a huge aqua kick right now. Or I might go black or dark, dark grey and reupholster the chairs in aqua. Either way, I’m going to get some aqua in there. Sadly, I’m pretty sure the chairs are not original to the table because they do NOT match at all – they’re very curvy and kinda ornate. Cool chairs in their own right, just don’t match. Makes me really curious as to what kinda chairs were originally with the table.

  15. pam kueber says

    Hey, Danielle from North Adams moving to Pittsfield — I’d love to see your new/old Cape whenyou move in, in two weeks. Maybe I can help with some projects to feature on the blog — Contact me!!!

  16. 75Heather says

    Ooooh, I’m swooning over that VoM console!! And in working condition, even! SO jealous. I have a small VoM colonial style console (looks like an old wooden school desk) that has a really bad hum in the speakers whenever we try to play a record. :(

  17. Jan Rader says

    That penguin bucket from Jane! My mom had one that she got for her wedding in 1955. Even though it was meant to be an ice bucket, we always used it to keep rolls hot at dinner. Well, that was fine when we were a little family of four or five. But when we grew up and the family was suddenly ten, and then when my kids grew up and we now have up to twenty at Thanksgiving and other family get-togethers, one just never held enough crescent rolls! So one day, my husband and I found one (my mom, for at least forty years, thought she had the only one on earth!) at a flea market, then my brother found one at an estate sale, and now she has three! I guess we’ll each inherit one someday long in the future! So funny to see it here – and it’s being used for one of my favorite things – compost!

  18. Charlotte says

    Jana B’s finds are making me drool! That amazing chair was only $20?! Sometimes living in the city (with its inflated prices) can be a drag.

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