Marcia Marcia Marcia! Vintage bathroom sinks — like the Crane Marcia — 25% off

vintage crane marcia sinks

Aren’t these Crane Marcia sinks adorable? Another reason for Jan to throw a conniption fit. Now through April 4, all vintage sinks, toilets, tubs at are on sale — 25% off and in some cases, up to 40% off. If  you’ve had your eye on some pink potty ware — or aqua and persian red and mint and yes, even white — now might be a good time to bite. Disclosure: is currently an advertiser. But this isn’t part of the deal, I just went over to look for vintage prettiness — and found these.


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  1. Linda says

    My parents had the pink one. Our 1954 New Jersey split level had a pink and mint green bathroom. Same sink.

  2. Laurie Walsh says

    I actually drove to DEA Bathroom Machineries in Murphys ,Ca with my 1930’s era toilet from Urban Ore in Berkeley,Ca because I needed multiple parts and it was so worth the drive! (1 hr 45 min from Sacramento,Ca).
    I, too found the website confusing. The person that helped me in the store is also a plumber, went out to my minivan and measured my toilet to find the right spud,filling tube,gaskets, and 4 in wax ring for a 14 in rough out toilet.
    I paid $40 for the bowl,already had the tank and $155 for all new parts. A replacement toilet would have cost at least $800! My conclusion….it WAS worth the drive!

  3. Retro Junkie says

    I have one of these sinks in blue and a toilet to match. I think it is adorable, my son thinks I have lost my mind. Oh well, I hate his taste too!!! I would be so happy to find a tub that matches!

  4. says

    Just discovered this fabulous website!

    Just like the radio talk shows; ‘I’m a first time caller”!

    Question: I have a mint condition Crane “Marcia” Sky Blue Tile-in sink, complete with working faucet handles (have photos and a video of it working!) that I want to sell locally (Massachusetts) to someone who appreciates.

    Doubt retro plumbing stores are interested in one item, and don’t want to ship it of course.

    Is my best bet listing it for sale on Craigslist? Antique category (label under sink says 1953) or Materials?

  5. Robert says

    I have a corner model. No clue what it was unitl I found a ‘cold’ valve stem replacement at Home depot; the last one and it said “crane” Wow, — I guess these are pretty old… Where can I find the seals?


  6. Jill says

    Fun site, thanks.

    Doing some work in our 1950 bathroom in our 1950 home. Previous owners had replaced original cast iron sink with vitreous china and that’s OK. But the Sears wood vanity, medicine cabinet and lightbar fixture must be replaced to look fitting with the original tub, toilet and black and white tiling, We’re keeping the neutral Sears sink but where can I find just the chrome legs/console for the sink? Thanks.


  7. chris kleronomos says

    I have 14 sets of sinks, toilet from 1955 building. Colors are pink, light and darker blue, biscuit, pale yellow. They are in very good condition. I also have a corner tub approx. 5′ square and a regular 5′ soaking tub. I am interested in selling them all at one time to any business or developer that is interested.
    Please contact me at 708 813 0004 or

  8. Cecil says

    Does anyone know what kind of paint I need to refinish a harvest gold cast iron bathroom sink and where I can purchase it.

    Thank you

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Cecil, we have never heard of painting that works well. You can try Miracle Method, but even that will chip over time…

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