19 affordable mid century modern sofas

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This was the very FIRST story I did looking at mid mod sofas. It was revised again later in 2011 and again for 2013. Read our very latest update — 216 affordable mid century style sofas from 30 manufacturers. However, I am leaving this story up — because it contains reader comments that may be of use if you are in shopping and researching mode.
gracie sofa by perch

I just about blew my eyeballs out researching this story. I hunted and pecked all over the world wide web looking for affordable, new sofas in the mid century modern style. “Affordable”? The sofas shown here are $700-$1,999. “Mid century modern style”? Some of these are more “modern,” I’d say, than they are “mid century modern”, but I gave some latitude.

Also, I am not an expert on all the modernist furniture designers from back in the day so, again, I erred on the side of including more options rather than getting all twisted about how “authentic” each design might be.

To start, above in the orange: Gracie sofa by Perch Furniture. Based in Portland (there is a bird in their logo tee hee), workshop in LA. These guys get double extra bonus points for rockin’ the orange. (God help me, all the greiged-out neutrals on these furniture websites had me on a rip-roaring rant revival.)  Gracie sofa by Perch Furniture.

younger sofaOrange was too hard to resist for my lead photo, but this Lily sofa (above in gray) from Younger Furniture is my #1 favorite mid century modern reproduction sofa on the market today. As Gavin pointed when I originally posted about Younger, this is very similar to original Dunbar designs. There are additional modern designs from Younger Furniture, which also are well executed — like the sofas and chairs that Dave and Kristin used in their house.  Mid century modern sofas from Younger Furniture


morgan sofa from macys

We have shared a lot of Macy’s love over the years. The Morgan, Blake (shown) and Corona are what popped out at me in the current lineup — as I type this, they all seem to be on sale for $699. Mid century modern style sofas and loveseats from Macys.

castellano modern sofa

When I was at Rejuvenation Lighting two years ago, I saw this line of furniture for sale in their large showroom. It’s Castellano Custom Furniture — made right in Portland, and it sure appeared to be the real deal. I’m not sure it really hits under $2,000, but I’m putting it in anyway, it’s probably in the range. Modern sofa from Castellano Custom Furniture.

jane sofa from gus modern

Gus Modern has a lot of styles — they seem to be going after this market pretty aggressively. Mid century modern sofas from Gus Modern

I love the look of this Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Cara sofa. Not sure if it’s really less than $2,000, but I’m guessing it’s close. There are some other possibilities in this line, as this is a company that tracks trends. Cara sofa by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

modern sofa from west elm

You got your numerous choices from West Elm.

dean mid century style sofa by room and board

I was surprised that Room & Board did not have a wider array of mid-century modern style sofas. The only one I really thought fit my *I’ll know it when I see it* criteria, and which was less that $2,000, was the Dean. Mid century and modern sofas by Room and Board.

avec sofa from cb2The lines of CB2’s Avec are too forced for me, but it seems to have its fans. Avec sofa from CB2.

petrie sofa by crate and barrel

Crate & Barrel gets in, with their Petrie Sofa. How do they get away with using that name without licensing it from The Dick Van Dyke Show? Petrie sofa from Crate and Barrel.


Arlington sofa from Pottery Barn.

sterling sofa by michael weiss for vanguard

There are some *possibilities* in this collection by Michael Weiss for Vanguard. One thing to consider and check for, on all the sofas that I show, is their size and scale. Back in the day, sofas were not 40″ deep — oversized — the way they often are today. Some of these sofas are more less-deep and less-high than others — more “authentically” proportioned for smaller mid century rooms with lower ceilings. Mid century = long, low, horizontal lines.  On the other hand, deep sofas can be very comfortable if you are tall or large and also if you like to hunker down to watch TV. So — thinking about the proportion of the sofa to your space, vetted with how you will realistically use it, is the task. Note, I also could not get a retail price on this Weiss sofa without giving my coordinates to an online quoting place, which I refuse to do. (This exercise also made me an expert on website design and marketing for furniture makers, I swear. If any manufacturers want to hire me for a 25-point checkup, send me an email.) I’m going to guess that this, and others in this Vanguard line come in under $2,000 if you don’t go too crazy with the upholstery.  Michael Weiss mid century style sofas for Vanguard.

Don’t forget to check Ethan Allen.

So now I started really poking down rabbit holes. I kind of like the look of this Byrd sofa from Furniture Outlet Warehouse in Fairlawn, NJ — those arms are kind of vintage Kroehler-esque. Don’t ask me about the quality, though. Goodness, before I bought a sofa, I’d want to see it in person… Anyway… Byrd sofa from Furniture Outlet Warehouse.

Here’s the True Modern Luna  sofa, with its Danish Modern legs. Check out this company’s Sample Sale area, too. Luna Sofa from True Modern Furniture.

Blu Dot has a few options, and sounds like an interesting company. Paramount sofa by Blu Dot.


Bloom sofa from Dania. $699 – made in China. Don’t yell about only this one, though, I think most of the Gus Moderns are from China, too. I did not check country of  origin as I did this research. Dania’s other sofas also are modern designs, at relatively low prices. Bloom sofa from Dania.

blake sofa

Okay, I’m sticking this one in — the Blake Sofa at Circle Furniture actually has a 1940s 1950s vintage Heywood Wakefield look, to me, especially with that contrast welting. There is another sofa in their line, the Collingwood, that has a modern feel. It is apartment sized, 75″. Blake Sofa from Circle Furniture.

Hey, do not be forgetting, you can STILL get Heywood-Wakefield sofas — NEW. Yes, they are still being manufactured, by a company that bought the rights. That’s the Margaret, above. I’m not counting this in my “mid century modern” count, though.  Heywood-Wakefield sofas still made today.

lee industries apartment sofa

The sofas at Lee Industries tend much more toward traditional and even wonderful mid-century modest. Boy oh boy, the Lee page  is fun to look at — so many shapes and sizes — it’s a sofa primer: Sofas by Lee Industries.

Gosh. I am a perfectionist, so I just kept looking and looking til I couldn’t look no more. Did I miss any companies making mid mod sofas? If so, let me know in Comments, and I’ll add it to this list — which I would love to be #1 most conclusive in the interior design blog world. Thank you!


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  1. Jennifer Jarret says

    Hi! I inherited (read: got for free) two great divans (took an antiques class and this was the technical term although I had always called them sofas or love seats) that are covered in gorgeous aqua vinyl. The problem? On one of them the vinyl has split on a corner and the split gets a little bigger every time anyone or anything rests on the seats! Is there a way to repair this sort of problem or at the very least to prevent it from getting worse? Any advice you or readers can offer would be greatly appreciated! I can provide photos if that will help!

    • pam kueber says

      Sorry, Jennifer, I don’t know the answer to this one… Maybe a reader will have an idea or experience….

  2. Rav says

    Avoid the Petrie Sofa from C&B at all costs. The buttons are not tight enough and they come out and poke your butt. After two weeks sitting on it just to watch a few movies, the cushions were flat and uncomfortable (and I’m only 125 lbs).
    It is beautiful and it is a great buy if you plan to never sit on it, but for utility choose another sofa.

    • Robin says

      Interesting. We bought the floor display model over a year ago and haven’t had a single issue with it. We loooove the Petrie. And we even bought it in white.

    • Stacy says

      I have to agree with Rav. I bought this sofa a little over a year ago and although I love the way it looks (paid extra to get custom fabric “groovy turquoise”) the cushions flatten out pretty quick with regular use. For the price, I definitely would expect it to hold up better.

      • cheryl says

        For those of who who’ve got the Petrie sofa, can you please share your experience in cleaning it? I have the original upholstery in white (before they changed upholstery vendors to what they’re selling now). I’m not sure if it should be steam- or dry-cleaned. I’m worried the steam cleaning might shrink the cotton upholstery, but that the dry cleaning might remove the stain-gaurd that’s applied to the fibers. Thoughts or suggestions?

  3. Rene says

    Thank you for this great article and everyone’s comments and suggestions – which led me to Younger Furniture’s 40530-Sofa. It just delivered in a reddish/orange nubby fabric and it is SEXY! I was hesitant to buy off the internet, but I am really pleased. It’s quite comfortable and seems to made very well.

    I needed a sofa quickly and Younger has a quick ship program that’s out the door in 5 days. Unfortunately their customer service folks aren’t as quick, and it was shipped to the wrong state, which added a couple of days.


    • Heather says


      A month later now…how is your new Younger sofa holding up? Any regrets? do the cushions sag?

      I’m considering ordering one without sitting on it first, but am very hesitant. Local furniture shop owners said it’s the best quality you can buy, in that lower price point.

      I am considering this one: http://www.youngerfurniture.com/460%20copy.jpg

      • gsciencechick says

        I tried out this 46020 model yesterday and I also liked 45530, which is not quite as retro looking. Both of them, I didn’t want to get up, so that is a good sign. The shop said they have had Younger for about 7 years and have had virtually no problems with them at all. They said the 46020 is their best selling model. Just need to make sure DH is on board, and, hopefully, we are good to go. They said order before Oct to avoid price increases. Lead time is 4 weeks he said.

  4. Rene says

    Heather, it’s great! I truly love it. All the seams, tufting & buttons are done well. Appears top quality to me. And, no cushion sagging. In fact it’s very tight and you sit up rather high…In fact, I’m hoping they relax a little over time. I have one long bench-style cushion and it does get a crinkle in the fabric when you sit for a period of time, but it goes away shortly after you get up or give it a little pat. You probably wouldn’t experience that with two cushions. Now, I just need to find a couple of loungy-type chairs!

    I really like the sofa you’re considering! Good luck!

    • Heather says

      Than you SO much for the helpful info! We’re going this weekend so sit on another model a local store has, to check quality and comfort. That might help us make our decision. The sofa we want is similar to Macy’s Morgan Sofa, but I’ve heard inconsistent reviews on the quality of their sofa’s over time. Younger’s Lily Sofa is to DIE for, but we want to be able to flip the cushions and whatnot.


  5. lolo341 says

    Armen Living has some fabulous selections, including the 725 Centennial. See http://www.armenliving.com/sofas/product/26/centenial.html# . However, it seems like most of their retail is online, and we all know the fear factor of buying a sofa unseen. (Nice to know the folks who’ve bought the Younger have been happy). I was also troubled by the fact that none of the retailers that offer the sofa or loveseat list any information about the materials used, so I called the company and am well glad I did. My key areas of concern are “made in China” and the cushions are not high density. I suspect they’d need re-upholstering much much sooner than later. So goodbye extraordinary eggplant (oh the dreams I’ve had!) and on to Macy’s Morgan in red for me. I drooled over these images for a year, but I’d rather go with something I’ve parked my butt on in person and from a local retailer. The Morgan is manufactured by MaxHome (USA) and it’s a green friendly company too! http://maxhome.us/responsible-impact.html p.s. Great post, Pam!

  6. Nancy W says

    I am fortunate that I found a real leather mid century sofa from a doctor’s office in the small town where I live. One tiny flaw; paid $125. and it is so comfortable. It is very long, I am very short and sleeping on it is wonderful…

  7. says

    We have a Petrie- or Blake-esque 60s original with no tufting and straight mahogany legs. It also has a small amount of mahogany trim along the base. The fabric is an intense blue velour that’s a breeze to vacuum and clean. I love that the three-cushion layout on the back and the seats lets me rotate them for wear. Great craigslist find!!

  8. Angelique says

    Recommend Room & Board (stores nationwide). Their selection is pretty fabulous. We are in love with their Reese sectional and plan to order it soon! Their furniture is also made in the U.S.A.!

  9. Nancy Sisk says

    I would like to comment on a couch I purchase in February. I got the Nixon and was so excited -the customer service, initially, was outstanding. When the couch came, I changed my mind. It’s extremely uncomfortable with hard cushions and back. I thought returning would be simple -they make it appear as if it is -but this has not been the case. It is now March 26 and I have been hearing for over a month that they are working on a return shipping order. Now they don’t even answer the phone or answer emails. Basically, I will be reporting this to the Better Buisiness Bureau. Just something to think about before making a purchase from them.

    • Nancy Sisk says

      Update: March 29.
      After posting my complaint, I received a call the next day from Ray. THIS is who you need to deal with when ordering or for pure excellence in customer service. Thrive, through Ray, is still working on my couch return pick up but has refunded my money for the purchase.

      So, that is my advice. Deal with Ray when you order. Ask Ray to sit on the piece of furniture you want to purchase and ask him for an opinion. He’s the ticket to Thrive success.

  10. deirdre says

    Mitchell Gold CARA sofa versus Younger Furniture LILY sofa…. any input?? I love the look of both. They are almost identical (Younger’s LILY sofa’s arm is 3″ wider and the seat is 1″ wider but 1″ shallower than Mitchell Gold’s CARA; Lily’s sofa is also 2″ lower to the ground). Younger’s is also $300 to $400 less than Mitchell Gold’s sofa. I’m wondering if you had a chance to sit on either of them …. I did get a chance to sit on the CARA chair …and its very comfortable… if someone can vouch for comfort of Younger’s Lily … i’ll order it over internet.

  11. Rene says

    Update! Although I absolutely love my Younger Furniture 40530-Sofa it needs a new home! I just saved an original from the dump and she’s being reupholstered as we speak. I’m in North Florida, and in case someone in my area is looking for a super sexy, hardly sat-on mid-century style sofa, hit me up at reneangers@att.net. She’s a great orangy-red that surprisingly goes with just about anything and fabulous buttons across the back.

  12. michelle says

    Hey All,
    I found a great (or what appears to be great) find on CraigsList for a Dania Bloom sofa in anthracite for $350 – besides the economic issues of a “Made in China” product, what else do I need to know? Any safety or chemical issues? To ease my eco-conscience, is upcycling worth any brownie points?

    What a great community – Thanks all!

  13. Barbara says

    I know this is an older post but THANK YOU for it! I’d been searching for a sofa forever, and last weekend bought the Lily. I can’t wait for it to arrive. It is perfect. I sat on a floor model and it seemed very comfortable and sturdy.

  14. Shayne says

    Anyone have any experience with Joybird Furniture? I’m eyeballing the Eliot Sectional and would love some feedback. Thanks!

    • pam kueber says

      They launched after this story. Search Joybird on our site, we have done stories. Note: They are an advertiser on this site now

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