Vintage range with electric burners on two levels: Woddity

Here’s a mid century woddity (wonderful oddity) spotted by lauramoon and posted on the Forum: A drop in range with the electric burners on two tiers. I think this is quite a handy idea! For sale in Madison, Wisconsin $200. Update: Link disabled because this was on craigslist and then it was gone – item apparently sold.

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  1. Patrick Coffey says

    That is a circa 1965 WEstinghouse Terrace Electric Range…I have a brochure that shows that model…if you ask me it is a pretty clever idea….PAT

    • Amanda says

      I hope you see this somehow, but do you have what the model is? We have this stove at my house and the timer has finally completely died, and the buzzer won’t stop, the metal plate has lost all of its markings, so we can’t figure out the serial. Thanks.

  2. Kim says

    I currently use the same stove!! Except mine is a lovely copper/brown color!

    It still works fairly well (however, when using the oven, I have to put the edge of potholder under the oven dial to keep it from slowly spinning itself up to 500-degrees!). It is the original stove from when our house was built in 1964. The previous homeowner was a very short German lady who was very sad to leave her terraced stove behind!

    • Amanda says

      We have the same stove! Same color as yours, are you able to read the model number on yours? It’s too worn off, and the timer died, so we’re trying to fix it. Thanks

  3. Bruce Malott says

    My mom’s home was built in 1964 and when they first moved in was equipped with one of these in yellow. She since has moved on to other ranges but missed her terrrace top alot. I am searching for one even if it is to put in her basement. Is it still for sale?

    • pam kueber says

      Karen, I updated the post in underscore that this is an old post from when this item was available on craigslist. Gone. If you’re searching for stuff, please head over to the Forum. . No buying/selling here on the main blog or it would be chaos. Good luck!

  4. hannah says

    I missed this!!?? Ok, this would be the dream stove. It’s uniqueness makes it soooooo desirable! Not only that, but even though I’ve not had experience with this stove, I’d think it would be a true cooks dream. We are ALL about cooking, here at “The Ranch”. The design of this stove just seems to make sense, though I can’t pinpoint why!

    Just in case the Retro Gods smile on me someday, I’m writing the maker down on a Post-it, that I hope I don’t lose track of. :D

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