Vintage range with electric burners on two levels: Woddity

Here’s a mid century woddity (wonderful oddity) spotted by lauramoon and posted on the Forum: A drop in range with the electric burners on two tiers. I think this is quite a handy idea! For sale in Madison, Wisconsin $200. Update: Link disabled because this was on craigslist and then it was gone – item apparently sold.

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  1. Mark says

    Actually my mother purchased this range in 1968 in Avocado along with other Westinghouse Kitchen appliances, the ‘Continental’ french door bottom freezer refrigerator and her first dishwasher. The range was called the ‘terrace top’ range with ‘no turn – speed broiling’, it had two broiling elements with the rack in between. In fact although it was replaced with a new Hotpoint range in the early 90’s the range sits covered in the back of her garage. It still works, at least it did when we took it out and was replaced to have all white appliances with a kitchen refresh.

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