Bold modern sofas by Room Service in LA

bauhaus style sofa

When I was researching 19 affordable mid century modern sofas, I came across Room Service, a sofa maker in Los Angeles. Several of their sofas are right at my $2,000 “affordable” benchmark, others are higher. In any case — Room Service’s sofas and sectionals most certainly win my heart for their big bad bold colors and style.

honeysuckle sofa from room service

Here’s their Down With Love sofa in this year’s Pantone color of the year, Honeysuckle. According to my eye, Honeysuckle is pretty much identical to Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern paint palette’s “Flamingo.” Funny — or not so funny — how marketers feel like they must name the retro colors something more “contemporary” to sell into today’s market. A flamingo by any other name would look as pink.

hollywood sofa in orange

Of course, you know what color I’m all about this year. Look how nice orange plays with brown. Orange is a very cooperative and versatile color.

aspen sofa from room service

I personally never met a tufted sofa that I didn’t like. Even if the tufts were in the “wrong” places. Do I spy bargello or bargello-like pillows? and acid green… pea green… lime green… avocado… yum.

Click here to check out Room Service’s sofas and more.



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  1. John says

    Hi Pam, I think the name “Down With Love” is referencing the Movie of the same name. It stars David Hyde Pierce,Zellwinger,Tony Randall,Patrick Maguin. It’s full of fabulous MCM interiors and is an homage to the Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies back in the day. Zellwingers apartment is over the top mid Mod fabulous with lots of pink!!


  2. TappanTrailerTami says

    I’m a fan of tufted, tucked, channeled, or anything else to dress up a sofa’s style! Love the tufted sofa, and really like how they used the mirror top coffee table to reflect the brick wall, so clever! Much more clever than I would ever be.

    Guess that’s why I’m not a paid interior designer, lol.

      • TappanTrailerTami says

        Thanks Pam….we’ll see. Someday you’ll have multiple blog posts of my unpaid decorating style and remodeling adventures in a mobile home. I think I might be the only mobile home owner on the blog (*slightly jealous of my stick built MCM house owning compadres on here*). My plan is that “someday” is THIS YEAR!!!

        • says

          No, Tami, I’m right there with you! I live in a 1978 triple-wide that I’m trying to fix up to reflect my style. I left you a reply on another post, and one of these days we’ll connect!

  3. jill from chicago says

    great article. i have a lovely sofa that pays homage to the 1960’s, its the petrie from crate and barrel. the only problem i have is it is NOT kid or pet friendly.

    thanx for the eye candy!

    • Ann-Marie Meyers says

      So many of these are not kid and pet friendly. It sure makes it hard to decorate, doesn’t it.

      • jill from chicago says

        ann-marie, yes though that doesnt stop me! i wish i could post a photo of my lounge area…it really is a beautiful space.

  4. Marsha says

    So many beautiful sofas- and other things. I really love the “Ice blue Hollywood” sofa.

    I have to look at everything they have now.

  5. bepsf says

    I love their styles – But does anyone know about their comfort or quality?

    I’m sorely tempted by their St Tropez sofa – I guess I may have to make a trip down to LA to see for myself…

  6. Elaine says

    Love those sofasm my favorite is the Koening in orange and walnut. It would be so perfect for my new time capsule house if I EVER get to close the deal.

    Being of the slightly creaky MCM era myself, the sofas all look long and LOW, which is just how they should look, of course. But I need one that has a higher seat area. Does anyone have any ideas about adding 3″ to the height of the sofa?

      • Elaine says

        You know, that could work, it would change the appearance but not the long and low look. I hadn’t thought of that, just the legs idea. The cushions could be the same appearance as the original seat, just an extra layer. I may try that on the set I have to see how that looks.

  7. says

    The first and forth sofas seem to have an “I dream of Jeannie” vibe. I can see Wendy Williams cozy(ing) up on the (2nd) Pink one. The orange one, with owl pillows, even if it is from the 50’s transitions time best. It is the most timeless of design.

  8. elisabeth says

    I am seriously considering purchasing the Modern Retro sofa from this company. Has anyone actually sat on any of these, or can anyone speak to the overall quality?

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