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I am personally obsessed with winning an Anne Taintor monthly caption contest before I die.  Seriously, I just started a bucket list, and this is the only thing on it so far. I have two caption entries into Ms. Greensleeves, above. However, even though I want to win-win-win, I decided not to hoard — so I’m sharing the contest with you, too. If you want to enter Anne’s contest, you must do so via her blog. Good luck, clever readers, I’ll vote for you in the finals. Unless I’m in them, too.


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  1. Jeff says

    Love Anne’s products, and realize how much fun it must be to get just the right caption for the “look” of the photo.

    The above photo was superimposed over an old postcard of the entrance to Detroit’s Washington Boulevard at Michigan Avenue with the edge of the fashionable Book-Cadillac Hotel visible to the right, and the Book Tower to the left.

    When ladies once shopped the “Boulevard” dressed like that in the day.

    A caption for this one could be: “I used to care, but now I take a pill for that”

  2. Dave says

    I’m a sucker for Ann Taintor refrigerator magnets and cocktail napkins. I always end up buying something when I’m in P-Town. I entered, “My beauty was Edison’s inspiration.”

    • bepsf says

      The phase I entered was:

      “He thinks I don’t know about him and his pretty, young Secretary…
      …but he doesn’t know I just bought his company!”

  3. Marsha says

    I love her stuff. I’ve been thinking of getting a flask. Just for tea of course 😉

    “Every day is like Christmas…

    when it’s Fleet Week”

  4. johnny dollar says

    i love her stuff and submitted a caption as well. since most of her best involve alcohol, passive-aggressive ire, or sexual double entendres, i capitalized on the fact that she is sporting a fur muff.

  5. Nina462 says

    I have a couple magnets at my desk at work – the best phrase is : “he’s a blues song waiting to happen” –

    my phrase for this one “honey, did you look in the mirror before you left the house?” – yes, I’ll enter it on her website.

  6. Annie B. says

    I have “Side Effects” on my 1963 GE Spacemaker. Love her work.

    “Alice brings home take-out from the Road Kill Cafe’……..again.”

  7. TappanTrailerTami says

    I did something like

    You want to look as good as me?

    Bright City Lights Background – Check
    Stylish Hat – Check
    Mink Stole – Check
    Real Gold Choker – Check
    Perfect Makeup – Check

    Big Fat Divorce Settlement – Check!

    • pam kueber says

      Thanks, 52, I saw Anne’s post but skipped right over the fact we had sent so many entries her way!

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