Nutone chrome exhaust fan cover — still available as a replacement part

nutone kitchen exhaust fan grille cover in satin chromes
Reader 48Cape has uncovered that, even though we can no longer buy Nutone’s retro kitchen exhaust fan with its satin chrome grille as an original part — we can buy their setup as sold with the white plastic grille — and then, buy the satin chrome grille as a replacement part. Yes: The satin chrome grille is still available, but only as a replacement part.
nutone exhaust fan in pam's kitchen
When I renovated my kitchen about five years ago, I was still able to get the complete setup from Nutone. We put the exhaust fan in in the exact same place as the old one, which was beat. You can also put these centered on the wall behind the stove. I’ve even seen them to the right or left of the stove.

UPDATE: The Nutone replacement parts may not be available, but as of 10/2015 go after these New Old Stock Emerson-Prynes: Click here to get to our story on where to find them. 

Kudos to the sleuthing of 48Cape, who explains:
…This all started with me trying to figure out how to use my kitchen cabinets, here it is.

So, I’m working out the kitchen layout and I decide that we have to have a Nutone exhaust fan in the wall over the stove instead of a hood. We have an 8″ circa 1948 Nutone exhaust fan in our upstairs bathroom with the classic “circle in a square” grille. Unfortunately it was spray painted taupe in the late 80’s. Knowing that I probably won’t be able to return it to it’s previous chromed glory, I started looking for a new one. Of course there was one NOS fan on the bay today which as it turns out sold for 250 dollars. Not bad but…

Of course, the most useful links google provides lead to Pam’s site (as usual) and I read the post she wrote about the fan she used in her kitchen. No model number was given and the post was several years old, also in the comments section someone posted more recently that the fan in question now comes with white a plastic grille…dang!

Not one to give up when a high speed connection is at my disposal, I continued to poke around. Eventually I found the “replacement parts” area on the Broan / Nutone website, and low and behold, it seems that you can still order silver (and white) metal replacement grilles for their exhaust fans. I don’t think they’re chrome, rather clear anodized aluminum which probably won’t be as brilliant and reflective as chrome, but it’s still a far site better looking and more durable than silver paint.

From what I could tell, the major difference in Nutone utility fan models old and new is the housing. That means that just a few motor assemblies, grilles, filters, etc. are used interchangeably for all similar models. The fans appear to come in two sizes 8″ and 10″. Ten inch fans (like model 8510) are much more expensive ($300 as opposed to $100) and move almost twice the air. The one in by bathroom is an old 8″ fan mounted in a “through the wall” round duct with a hood outside and a spring loaded damper to keep out the weather.

I believe model 8310 (180cfm 8″ fan mounted in a flat housing so as to mount between studs or ceiling joists) is the one in Pam’s post. Model 8310, it appears, currently ships with a white plastic grille #S99111332 as standard. However there are several grills listed on the the Broan/Nutone website parts lists as “GRILLE – Silver”. They are as follows:

17703018 circle in square for 8″ fans ($43.44)
17707018 circle in square for 10″ fans ($26.62)
17705018 circular edge for 10″ fan ($20.66)

Assuming that grilles for both 8″ and 10″ fans attach with a 1/4-20 screw through the middle (they do), one could use a grill made for a 10″ model on an 8″. From what I can tell the 10″ grille is roughly 13.5″ wide. My 8″ grille is about 11″. As long as one installs an aluminum filter behind the grille, no one should ever know that there is an 8″ fan behind the 10″ grill. If you don’t like the look of the filter (which you really should have is using in a kitchen anyway) you could also paint the wall behind the grille immediately surrounding the fan black or even silver to camouflage it.

Of course everything above is an educated guess. Unfortunately there are few pictures in the parts section of the website, mostly exploded diagrams. I have not seen any of these grilles in person, and don’t know if they are indeed still available, however, when I googled the part numbers I found them offered by other retailers, one of which I have purchased appliance repair parts from in the past.

The folks who populate the Forum are pretty tenacious, so up pops idiosyncracybydesign aks Gwenn:
this is fabulous! I also have an 8″ fan that was painted terribly… the fan itself is fine (just needs cleaning… supper excited- most of the used fans I see are the bigger 10″ ones (2 of which are in my attic), but they’re really too big to go over the Kelvinator!

PS- I found a site with a pic and a decent price here.


Update on Oct. 6, 2011 from reader Lynda:
Just a little update. I talked to the Nutone company this week and they told me that the metal covers are no longer made, but that some stores may have them around the country. She gave the name of a couple of stores. My daughter found the metal cover at House of Fans in San Francisco. She bought a Nutone/Broan 504 fan for her kitchen. It has 350 CFM and 6.5 sones. The metal cover for the 10? fan does fit. The House of Fans also had the aluminum filter and the screw that was necessary to attach the metal cover to the 504 fan. Since Nutone and Broan are now one company some of the fans and the parts are no longer made. The cover was around $25.00, the screw was around $2.00 and the filter was about $15.00. She is installing an induction range by Viking and the opinion is that since the range does not produce heat, a fancy fan is not needed. This fan should go nicely in her “new” 1940?s home. Also, FYI, she was told by the store that these fans work best if a window is slightly open.
Remember, you can also look at the Trade-Wind. It’s authentic vintage. Consult with a professional regarding your CFI needs.


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  1. Mike says

    Hi, I recently bought a house with a circa 1950’s Nutone kitchen wall mounted exhaust fan. I removed it and cleaned it up, repainted the fan blades and motor and motor mounts.
    The grill is a 2 piece grill. The “propeller” is held on by the center bolt and the “frame” that holds the propeller is held on by three screws that attach it to the through the wall piece. The frame is depth adjustable due to the fact that it has a screw slot instead of a screw hole.
    Everything looks very good and works very well except for the exterior wall cap with dampers. There were two springs attached to these dampers and they were only attached on one end, the end having corroded away. I have been looking for one of these wall caps or just the springs. I have had no luck finding either and very little mention of these. I have seen one that is NOS on ebay but it is the complete fan and wall cap and I only need the wall cap.
    I live in Maine, which is sort of cold in winter, and without these dampers I will have to discontinue use of the fan during the winter. I may have to not use in winter anyway, (did I mention that it gets cold in winter in Maine?), but I would at least like to try to use it. Any help finding one of these or a part number.
    I’m not sure what model the fan is, I can’t find any legible numbers anywhere on the fan, just on the fan motor.

    Thanks for listening!

  2. Terrence says

    Thanks so much for posting this (you guys are the best!). I was able to locate one of these new silver-finish grilles on eBay to replace the awful ceiling duct grille that had been covering the original Nutone fan over the stove in my 1965 condo building. It looks fantastic. I also had an issue with the duct causing a draft, but that was remedied by installing a backdraft damper in the ductwork between the fan and the outside vent. Standard sizes are readily available online. I got mine on Amazon for about $30 shipped. No need to wrap your grille in plastic!

  3. Spiro says

    I am looking for a 10 inch circular chrome grill for an exhaust fan similar to 17705018.

    Can you please help.


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