1970s Drexel Whimsy campaign style bedroom dressers – $1,200 BIN

vintage drexel whimsy bedroom dresser

When I die and go to heaven, I want this to be my bedroom set: 1970s vintage Drexel “Whimsy”. Two dressers — “campaign” style — are for sale RIGHT NOW on ebay:

Aren’t they something?

drexel whimsy bedroom furniture

Orange has been my favorite color since I began decorating my first bedroom, when I was a pre-teen in 1971. My bedroom pretty much looked like these dressers, but without these dressers.

drexel whimsy dresser

I don’t know much about this line, but here is what seller Modigliani’s in Miami — who also identifies them as “Drexel Whimsy” says:


1970s drexel flower power whimsy dressers


I have taken to saying that, “All the best stuff’s in St. Louis.” But for furniture, Southern Florida is a very close second. There was a huge migration of retirees to the area in the 1960s … and when they landed, they got their groove right on.


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  1. Kate H says

    Wouldn’t these look great on top of orange shag carpeting? These remind me of of two things: the Vera teatowels I saw at Macy’s last week; and some sheets we had in the 1970s, which would have looked far out with these dressers.

  2. Just another Pam says

    Oh my, Pam, it’s not in my nature to encourage people to spend money but if you’ve got a dream……..

    I’ve never seen them before so beyond the fact I’ve learned I don’t really know everything…gasp….are they reallllly rare? If you let them slip away will they be a “Lawsy, I shoulda bought them when I saw them”?

    I just did a google check….wow, uber rare, less than 3 full pages. Lot’s of people have posted the eBay listing above and the only other thing was this heart breaker…..”Drexel whimsy dressing mirror. Lot# 783. High Bid: $5.00″

    Hopefully the vintage fairy will step up and reward you for all the wonderful things you do for us. You/we could start a PayPal fund called Get Pam Some Whimsy….I’ll donate.

    • Leslie says

      Hey Just Another Pam,
      I am “in” on the Paypal fund for Pam K!

      And Pam K, your comment about furniture in Southern Florida reminded me of the movie “In Her Shoes” with Shirley MacLaine, Cameron Diaz. The retirement home featured in this movie is full of Heywod Wakefield furniture, so cute. My immediate thought was the best estate sales have to be in those Florida retirement communities!

  3. Anna says


    When I was a pre-teen in 1971 and decorated my first bedroom, it pretty much looked like these dressers too, but without these dressers.

    I had orange, yellow & avocado flower power wallpaper.

  4. elana says

    Hi Pam,
    A friend of mine, from childhood, sent me this link since she recognized these from my childhood bedroom.
    My sister and I had these dressers when we were kids. We also had the orange shelving units that attached to the tops of the 3- drawer dressers, which made them really tall, and there were 3 big wide shelves for dolls, and books, etc.
    We lived in northern NY state. My mom eventually sold them to our friends for their son’s room, (they painted them, for his room with white and primary colors.)after we were around 16 years old.
    The year she originally purchased the furniture was 1968 or 1969.
    It is cool to see a picture in full color. Thanks for the nostalgia!
    ~ Elana

    • Cathy F. says

      Yes, we had the same. Beds, desk, night stand, mirror, dressers with the tall shelving hutches, a game chest. My sister evetually wanted to paint them, in the 80’s those flowers weren’t so cool. But, my parents would never let her and they are still in use with my daughters, in mint condition.

  5. elana says

    PS: In the 1970’s we decorated my new bedroom, with my favorite color yellow, and orange curtains. I also asked my parents to wallpaper my ceiling with big flower power wall paper, which had oranges, golds, greens….

  6. retrosandie says

    Hi Pam! Do enjoy your time with Mum!! Yeah, I was a flower-power girl too! Wonder what other colors this set came in?? (My bedroom was always soft aqua with pink!). It’s awesome!

  7. says

    Drexel Heritage= Excellent quality and construction. It has been advertized in BETTER decorating magazines for years.

    The BIG dresser, would be a fun piece, in an upstairs hallway flanked by two side chairs, with brick seat cushions.

    The two pieces could work in a FUNKY family room. They also kind of say “Beach House”. Love the upside down pull on the left side of the dresser. Peach, yellow, golden-beige, tan and brick, all worked into a room on the NORTH side of a house would be instant sunshine.

  8. Ann-Marie Meyers says

    I would have been over the roof to have this furniture! Orange was my favorite color, too. My bedspread was bright orange, and someone is selling the exact same one on etsy, and I was really thinking about getting until my mom gave me a brand new comforter (White, not orange. Time to spill some orange Koolaid and eat some Cheetos in bed).

    If I could afford these dressers, I would jump at them.
    Of course, if I could afford them, most of us could, and we would have a retrorenovation cat fight over them for sure.

  9. Suzanne says

    Those are super funky! Another lover of orange here. Because I am a Libra and balance is important to me, I feel compelled to point out that JUST ONE of the big dressers daisy handles is flipped up. I so want the owner to flip it down and take another picture!

    • atomicfletcher says

      I noticed that as well! It bugged me because of the lack of uniformity, but also because it looks like it’s frowning 🙂

  10. Cathy Fernandez says

    We have a whole bedroom full of this furniture, my daughters use it now. It used to belong to my sister and I when it was new. It actually still looks new. Still get compliments on it!

  11. Kay says

    This is my bedroom set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had two low 6 drawer dressers, a corner desk, and a cabinet with a hutch. Half of the set is in one of my daughter’s room now. The other half we gave to a friend of a friend – our bedrooms are smaller than in my parents old house. It’s strange hearing a stranger ccompiment my childhood bedroom furniture… I didn’t much like the orange and yellow w/w carpeting I had in my room growing up (I didn’t pick out any of this) but the furniture was really cheerful to look at.

  12. John says

    I can’t believe it!!!!. I have nearly this entire set. I am an expert on this set and I have many many pieces including the original sales brochure featuring Davy Jones and The Beatles. This particlar set was made in the Summer of 1969 and Jan would have strangled Marsha in her sleep just to get it. The set belonged to my girlfriend and when her father passed away 8 years ago the house was still in state and frozen in time. Avocado green appliances and bright orange Formica counters with yellow Daisies wallpaper. When the house sold the family put this entire set out on the curb with a sign which said “please take”. I just couldn’t let it go because it warms my heart to look at It. So I, a 49 year old man have been storing it all next to my chopper for years. The best feature of this collection is that it has a nailpolish remover proof finish on it. So when Cindy throws a pillow at Jan and it knocks Marshas nail polish remover over it won’t damage the piece. It’s all explained by the Beatles in Yellow Submarine garb in the sales brochure. I found this site when I typed in “Whimsy” because I’ll be 50 in August and I just have to let go of the entire set. After all, I am a man and not a teenaged girl. I just makes me smile when I look at it, The entire set is in very very very good condition and extremely well made of hardwood throughout, there is maybe one handle missing on one item. My teenaged daughters girlfriends squeal with glee when they see it. Pam, I’m in the furniture business myself in California and I have all kinds of shipping options. If you are interested I will be sad to see it go but I would be willing to make a far out groovy deal. John

  13. Donna says

    I have the chest of drawers with the yellow finish and orange flowers and two large end tables that have the orange finish and the yellow flowers. Selling all for $525, and I have two Gunlocke mid-century chairs to match for $250 each — the have the same burnt orange color. I’m in Tulsa.

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