Vintage Mother’s Day framed poem prints

vintage mothers day framed art plaque

Mother’s Day is coming up soon – Sunday, May 9. If you want to give her a little vintage something, how about a vintage Mother’s Day framed poem art print? These are “around” — available Buy-It-Now on ebay — DON’T DELAY! — or, if you are near a big antique mall, you can usually find at least one if you play super close attention. These are sooooo pretty, generally very affordable, and a lovely way to share your passion for vintage with the one who brought you into this world.

This ebay search is for “Vintage Mothers Day print”. You can also search — separately — for Vintage Mothers Day … art / framed / poem / plaque / litho … what else? Disclosure: When you buy anything from these ebay carousels or after you click into ebay here, it nets me a teensy commission.


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  1. says

    I bought my first framed saying in the 70’s. I love these framed poems. My collection has not yet found its new home since I have moved, but are waiting patiently. Thanks for the nudge to find them a place of honor in my home.

    • Belinda Roccaforte says

      I love these as well. I have the Trees poem and A Camp Fire Girl saying on one. Also a mother poem. Will have to take pictures of them. Thanks Pam for reminding me.

  2. says

    These are also called framed motto’s or mottoes (not sure correct way to pluralize). I have a huge collection covering a varied range of themes. They were made from the late 1920’s to the early 1940’s.

  3. Ann-Marie Meyers says

    My dad thinks my mom and I are nuts. We have always framed the fronts of greeting cards we thought were pretty. They make nice little groupings for hallways, etc. We get such compliments on them!
    Who know? Some day they may be on whatever passes for Ebay in the future.
    I will have to check out the mottoes.

  4. karen says

    These are simply lovely. I have a double hinged frame HS graduation picture of my mother circa 1934 with a “mother motto” in the other frame. The motto/poem makes me think she had this framed to present to her own mother after graduation.

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