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aluminum countertop trimsOur list of suppliers for metal kitchen counter top edging continues to grow — with the addition of Eagle Moulding, a distributor in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Eagle Mouldings’ large inventory includes a two styles of aluminum counter top edgings, in a variety of sizes. Metal counter top edging is a very popular way to inject authentic vintage style into a retro kitchenEagle Moulding is the direct supplier to many furniture manufacturers and, in fact, I see at least one of these edgings explicitly mentioned over on the Bars & Booth moldings page.

aluminum countertop edging

Nosing around Eagle’s website (how fun am I on a Saturday night??) I also see they have “plain face nosing”. Go nose around — I bet you’re just like me and think there is no better way to waste time than to surf through a few hundred varieties of metal trim to imagine potential uses.

coves for retro countertops

For example, Thor: Wouldn’t the coves above also work for our retro countertop installations???? And, this is off-topic, but before I die, I really want some slat wall. 

Prices are not listed on the website — you can call or email with your enquiries. But prices are no big secret, Thor sent me the price list and as an example, the 1-1/4″ tee molding (bottom row) is just over $14 for a 12′ length. The next size up, the 1-1/2″ aluminum countertop edging is about $27 for 12′. There is no minimum $100 order — you can just order what you need. 

I also like that the webpage shows us how tee moldings work. Above, left: You cut out the notch to make a bend… and center and right: You need a “wing cutter” to cut into your countertop edge, then you fit the tee in the groove.  Thanks to an unidentified reader — who must live near Eagle Mouldings — who told one of the new owners of the company, Thor Smith, about the blog. Now, Thor is an advertiser — over in the right-hand column with a special page just for these retro-style countertop edgings, (This story was not part of the advertising deal.)

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  1. Brianna says

    I have chrome edging (Not from one of your recommended sites!) on my brand new countertops. It has taken on 1/8 in in moisture, there in ruining them. Do they need to be treated under the trim. I need some expert advise, any help is wanted.

  2. says

    Brianna- The aluminum trim (assuming it is aluminum) should be anodized. If it is not anodized, the metal will corrode. The anodizing process puts a coating on the metal b dipping it in a chemical bath. Also, when you installed the trim, did you put a bead of silicone on the trim to seal it from any moisture that might get on the counter? This could also help eliminate water gettign behind the metal and ruining it.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Lisa says

    Hi, Thor, I’m so glad you gave specific recommendations for a 1940s kitchen counter. I will be ordering the grooved face nosing and the cove trim you recommended within the month. But I can’t find on your site which trim piece you use for the top of the backsplash. In Pam’s kitchen story she gave the specific part # to order from the NY metals company. Which trim piece # do you have which would be appropriate with the 1940s grooved face nosing and cove you recommended above? Thanks so much.

  4. says

    Look here for our Retro-Trims.

    For the top of the backsplash we recommend you use one of our J-caps. which one will depend on the thickness of your actual backsplash. See our J-caps here:

    Otherwise you can jusst give us a call and one of our customer service reps should be able to walk you through it.

    Eagle Mouldings


  5. Mark says

    I was quoted $37.64 for a single 12 foot length of E-031. However, the shipping quote was $220 for that single unit. That’s a little too steep for my small project and budget.

  6. says

    Mark- I am not sure where you would be shipping to, or the exact details of your request. $220 does seem pretty unreasonable. However, I do know that if you were pricing out shipping a 12′ piece of trim to your residence via long haul truck the freight would be quite high.

    Usually you would have been given an option to have us cut the material down to 8′ or less and ship via FedEx as well.

    If you are still looking for the part, please call me directly and I will do everything I can to make sure you are happy and satisfied.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thor Smith

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