When Harry Met Sally and the topic was wagon wheel coffee tables

When I spotlighted the wagon wheel chandelier festooned with antlers yesterday, Jeff over on the Facebook Fan page pointed us at this clip from When Harry Met Sally. Okay. So maybe wagon wheel coffee tables aren’t all that. But, who are these meisters of taste anyway, what with that hair and those jeans hiked up above their waists like ole granpa Walton. 1989. That era of great taste. Thanks, Jeff, for the fun tip. 🙂


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  1. Amy Hill says

    Hilarious! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh. I am trying to fit in some of my middle-aged new husband’s things, too, like an awful looking hutch of his mother’s with a formica top. Let’s hear it for romance!

  2. Jeanne says

    haha, I totally thought of When Harry Met Sally after seeing your wagon wheel chandelier yesterday!! Classic.

    • Trouble says

      Yeah, some restaurants around here use them. We have a Tumbleweed Steakhouse here that has a chandelier made solely from antlers – no wheel.

  3. Elaine says

    LOLOLOL ! I have to say, at the time this movie was made, I REALLY wanted that wagon wheel coffee table. I couldn’t afford it though. I keep looking at them and looking at my living room, and realizing, I really don’t have room for a stupid, Roy Rogers, garage sale coffee table. But then again, when I was little, I was going to marry Roy Rogers.

    I didn’t care for the addition of the antlers to the chandelier, though. How about gingham bows, though?

  4. Shelly in Phoenix says

    Oh, heavens to betsy I LOVE that scene! (as well as the “And Baby Fishmouth is sweeping the nation!” scene).

  5. Wendy M. says

    I also cannot hear the term “wagon wheel” without thinking of “When Harry met Sally”…glad to know I’m in good company!

    (Shelly in Phoenix- “Baby Fishmouth” is what my husband and I always yell out when our kids try to do charades…they aren’t very good at them yet. 🙂

  6. Jana (Berniecat) says

    Thanks for the chuckle! Maybe I shouldn’t admit this in public, but… I kinda like the stupid Roy Rogers garage sale wagon wheel coffee table! 🙂 To each his own!

  7. Cindy Friday says

    I actually saw this movie the other night on Comcast and thought of your posting on this Pam! It was a riot! Then I thought of you again as I watched HGTV’s My First Home, where this stuckup Midwest chick starts bashing a light blue shower with tile that just “has to go”! I wanted to smack her, as there was no mold anywhere! I loved the look. Beauty is in the eye of the……

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