Build your own Murphy bed

build your own murphy bed

Perhaps the only thing more retro than a Murphy bed is buying plans to build one from a company that’s been selling DIY project plans since 1948. Reader Shane aka Trouble turned me onto U-Bild — which has been in business selling full-size, traceable plans to DIY woodworkers since the hey- was connected to the -day. Now that we’re in a New Golden Age of DIY, it’s time to take another look at U-Bild’s archive. I might give these hideaway bed plans a try myself, if I can steel myself for another project. We could build a Murphy bed along the long wall in my husband’s office, and sell the twin beds (which are set against the walls as daybeds, with bolsters) on craigslist. I also want to do more DIY on the blog — and maybe I could entice my dad to come help. We’ll see. Link: Build your own Murphy bed with plans from U-Bild.

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  1. chris(therescued) says

    A great and inexpensive book on DIY mid century furniture/wall units/cabinets is “Anatomy of Contemporary Furniture” by John G. Shea. The beginning of the book shows popular commercial furniture examples than leads into many easy DIY designs for furniture (a lot of modular pieces). This book is mostly plans (no step-by-step instructions), but great if you’re a little handy.

    I see on Amazon for as low as $0.70+$3.99 shipping. A great book for the price!

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