Where to find cheap landscaping materials

where to find cheap landscaping materialsI have several landscaping projects that I want to do this spring and summer, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money. Besides, I like making something out of nothing. So: My new favorite place to look for treasures has become the “materials” section of craigslist — where I am not only finding bargains, but lots of ideas to get my creative design ideas going. What am I seeing in my neck of the woods? Read on….

garden pavers

I want to make a deck or patio in the backyard. These pavers in Williamstown look to be a great deal, and there sure are a lot of them. I have an email into the seller to check out the situation. We have a small patio at the front of the house made out of pavers like these — I like them a lot. We had the front done professionally. I watched how they did it. It didn’t seem difficult. You just have to take your time, and as I recall there was a tamper involved. If I do something in the backyard, I’m gonna do it myself to save money and for the gratification of it. Golly, if I could get these pavers at this price (or less) — well, you know what I might be doing this summer.

bluestone pavers

In these here parts, folks use bluestone for patios, too. But these are way more expensive… As I recall, putting down the little pavers wasn’t the worst part of the job — all the prep was what took the time…

bricks on craigslist

No photos. But, the price also seems quite right for brick pavers. I don’t know where Florence is. Also, hmmm. Would all these heavy paving materials — pavers, bluestone, bricks — break my truck axle? I will have to check to see what my payload is.

concrete deck supports

If I built a wood deck, I could get deck supports for as little as $2. The ad says they are $5 at Home Depot.


This ad reminded me that I want to build an outdoor shower some day. Once, on a beach vacation, I used an outdoor shower at the rental house. It was FANTASTIC! This ad also reminds me: If you WANT MATERIALS, put your ad in this section, too. It’s amazing how many people read craigslist for entertainment. That also reminds me: Back in the day before newspapers lost all their classified advertising to craigslist, the #1 most-read section was: The classifieds!

laminate countertps

I don’t need these — except in the sense that, heck, who doesn’t need 2o’ more feet of working space — but they sure seemed like a good deal — $75 for two 10′-long laminate countertops in butcher block style. I like butcher block style, by the way, for retro kitchens.


I don’t need this either — except, heck, who doesn’t need a 200-year old country church to convert to a studio/home office.  Seems like there is a company in south county that buys old buildings and find folks who want them reassembled on another piece of property. I sure like Sister Sarah’s Maritime Meeting House, and wish I had a parcel to put it on. I would make the interiors all hippie-decor — one of my dream houses.

Now how fun is that!


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  1. says

    love it! and its so true, craigslist can be a huge help! i recently got a ton of free plants from someone that was transitioning their yard from full shade to full sun. it was amazing!

  2. Beth Putnam says

    We installed an exterior shower in our home in New Marlborough. It was a fathers day present and is the best present I ever gave the man. He loves it

  3. Trouble says

    Nikki hunts thru there daily. So far, we’ve gotten brand new brick veneer for an indoor project, saving $400. Also, a guy was getting rid of his roughcut limestone landscaping for $100 bucks and we were able to complete TWO outdoor projects with the amount we had. Cost: $100 and prob saved 3 – 400 clams!

  4. Marion Powell says

    A while back I fnoticed some tile display boards (3×5) being thrown away by a local carpet and tile store. Early Sunday morning DH and I went dumpster diving and brought home 24 sample boards of Spanish tile. There were both indoor and frost proof tiles of all sizes. Many 4×4, 6×6, edge tiles, large 12×24,and even tile murals and mirror surrounds. After much hard work prying them off the boards, I used the tile to redo my kitchen backsplash and fireplace surround and hearth.
    With tons left I gave a bunch away on CL. I’m working on a small path now.

    Anyway, I thought some brave RR’s might try asking at various when they changed their tile displays.

    • pam kueber says

      Woah! Brilliant! I am gonna call my local tile store this weekend and try this! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Jana (Berniecat) says

    Be sure to check a variety of categories on CL to look for what you want. Many times I have found postings in “odd” places and categories. On our local CL, I’ve found landscaping materials posted under farm and garden, general, household and garage sale categories in addition to the obvious choice of materials. Do a thorough check of the different categories or you just might miss the bargain you are looking for.

    • TappanTrailerTami says

      I love CL for shopping used building materials. I agree w/ Jana as they are found in more than just the “materials” section. Sometimes, they are in “general” and sometimes in “household”, as well as other sections.

      My one peeve: I wish wish wish CL would separate the Autos/Motorcycles/RV’s to their own separate for sale section. I usually try to use the main search box so I don’t have to search each section individually, but try searching for “interior door” and mostly what you get is all auto ads as it picks up out of those categories as well. If they were separate from the rest of the “For Sale” headings, that wouldn’t happen! Think I’ll send that to CL as a suggestion.

  6. Cindy Friday says

    Sometimes I see things people are pulling out of kitchens and bathrooms on the Materials list, even tho they are old. They are not the right match for me yet, but I keep trolling for the right ones!

  7. Marc says

    This is usually win-win for both seller and buyer. I needed to get rid of some ugly edgestone blocks in my yard… over a hundred of them. I posted them on CL for 40% of the cost new (and they looked new) and found one buyer who was willing to carefully “uninstall” and haul each away. I got a little cash and got rid of something I didn’t want. And the buyer was thrilled!

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