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vintage address sign truman j. kingWhat with the long weekend, I thought most everyone would stop by at least one tag sale or thrift store or dumpster — or maybe grandma’s house? So it’s everyone’s favorite feature: Upload photos of your thrifty treasures. Above: I bought this vintage address sign off ebay about two years ago. Just hung it up in the mudroom yesterday. I wonder who Truman J. King of #374 was; I bet he was Elaine’s father, the timing is right…

Upload your own finds below… Please give a nice description, okay? 🙂 Note, Terms of Use apply:
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  1. Michael says

    Hey Pam,
    I think I uploaded my first image 3 times! When it didn’t show up in the gallery right away I thought there’d been some sort of error; then on the last try I noticed that it was “uploaded successfully” but awaiting “moderator approval”. Oops! Sorry!

  2. Retro Junkie says

    I just love 50’s cookbooks! They have so many paperback one’s and it seems lots for entertaining. The recipes are yummy and no one care in the least about calories and cholesterol!!!!

  3. Jeanne says

    Those egg cups remind me of my grandfather. When I was a kid and we used to visit him in Florida in the summers, my mom would always make him soft-boiled eggs. She set the egg in the small end to serve. My grandfather would take the egg, flip the egg cup to the larger side, crack open the egg and scoop it out with a spoon into the bowl. Then some salt and pepper and….breakfast!

  4. Just another Pam says

    Have mercy, Michael! I’m so glad I wasn’t at that sale, (which is where, she asks), as my heart would have broken if I’d seen that hassock after you’d gotten it. Totally sweet and I’ve never seen one like it before, not even cyberspace….score!

    Tinsel trees ARE addictive, I feel for you. With help I’ve managed to keep my total at three as I’m usually shopping with the all grown up logic police….don’t you just hate them?

    • Michael says

      The sale was at the Christie Conservation Area in Flamborough/Dundas Ontario. The last time I went was about 10 years ago. I expected to see the dealers’ offerings reflect more of the trend towards mid-century stuff, but no…

      I have an out of control addiction to vintage Christmas items! I now have 4 aluminum trees: one 2-foot model with gold pom-poms; one 4 foot model; one 6 foot “slim” pom-pom model; and now this 6 foot “taper” model. I also have a six foot tinsel tree (vinyl?) that is rather sad and Charlie Brown-esque which may need to be retired this year.

  5. says


  6. Just another Pam says


    We have the same dining room set and somewhere, I can’t even guess where at the moment as I’m still putting my house back together, I have the folder that shows the whole line they put out. The thing I love about it is how very tiny the table is but as you add leaves it becomes just right for a banquet.

    That said, it’s not Danish, it was made in Ontario but between Quebec and Ontario we did certainly rack up some stellar mid-century modern items. Three of my leaves were never taken out of the original well marked box and, of course, the booklet mentioned earlier both support this. At the time I bought it I didn’t know I’d rip down half the walls in the house so I didn’t get the sideboard, lucky you, but then I’d not have wall space for my Danish shelves so I guess it all works out.

    Some day in the unguessable future (reality based statement ;o) )when I find it would you like a copy?

    • Michael says

      Wow– what a small world! Yes, this set was made in Ontario by the Honerich Furniture Manufacturing Company of Milverton, Ontario (I was using “Danish Modern” in a rather broad sense… my bad). I don’t think the three leaves were used very often as they are darker than the the surface of the table top proper. I put two of the leaves in for now. When I was setting it up I even found a package of vintage birthday candles in the silverware drawer– really tugs at the heartstrings, doesn’t it?

      And yes, I would love a copy of that booklet if/when you find it! I tried to do a little Google research about the company but didn’t find much. Most of the items sold online attributed to Honerich seem to be hope chests/cedar chests.

    • mcmeg says

      Thanks. I love it, too. The other items I got at yard sales, but the tablecloth I actually unearthed at my parent’s vacation home when we we cleaning out. I remember it being at our house at home when we had a chrome and yellow table and chairs in our knotty pine kitchen with red cracked ice counter tops. I hadn’t seen it since that I remember. I just love it.

  7. says

    The only photo of my own was taken with Polarize, so it’s not really an old photo, it just looks vintage. I couldn’t justify buying the Executive calculator.

  8. LA Leslie says

    Hi there Pam,

    Hope this counts in your drool worthy collection of reader finds over the weekend. I found this gorgeous 1950’s sun dress complete with colored rhinestone embelishments on the collar. It was at the Burbank Pickwick Textile Show and it is super fab!



  9. Jana (Berniecat) says

    I found this MCM couch at a new local thrift store. I traded my old couch for this one and got free delivery to boot! This was the last piece of mcm furniture I was looking for and had just about given up finding one that was affordable in my price range. I found this one at a new local thrift shop and it was perfect. I donated my old couch and had this new one delivered for free because they were picking up my donation of the old couch. This is a great way to save money if you find something you want at a local thrift store. Many times they will deliver a piece of furniture that you purchase for no cost because you are scheduling a pick up for a donation of furniture.

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