Dozens of NOS aluminum wall switch plates — $2 each!

aluminum switchplatesThese are so cool and the price is right: Aluminum wall switchplates — 3 or 4 (?) designs — $2 each — dozens of pieces — although the shipping seems ridiculously pricey. The switchplates were originally made by Alcoa Aluminum. There is some other NOS luv in this carousel, including some naked nudies at the end. 🙂


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  1. Just another Pam says

    Ah, yeah, that’s deranged shipping and why all the dealers on eBay will be having to pay a percentage of their shipping costs on top of everything else.

    29.95 to ship ONE switch plate to Canada from Minnesota is the same price it costs to ship a wool blanket from So. Cal. And I thought I got gouged with the twice the actual price I paid to get 10 yards of linen shipped here a few weeks ago. I feel better now as I could get, maybe two switch plates if his combined rates are really good. Long suffering maternal type sigh.

  2. says

    I could reach through here & give you a giant squeeze. I LOVE those plates & just purchased 6 outlet & 1 light switch cover for my kitchen de-model. They combined all for the shipping rate, so it isn’t that bad. I guess if were for one item it would smart. Sometimes cool just costs a little more 🙂 Eldon

  3. says

    To be fair, the seller is giving rates for flat rate boxes. The ‘high’ shipping charges by the sellers is not the reason why ebay is now taking over 10% of the shipping cost as well, it’s ebay’s greed. Think of the math on a $2 item. The fees are .35 to list, 12% final value fee, then another 5% from Paypal..just the fee on his flat rate shipping alone ebay is taking is about $1.50. To sell that item to you for $2 he is probably losing money, considering on top of all the fees just listing on ebay he also has to pay Paypal fees on top of it all.

      • says

        Yes you can, and the seller gives several options, his price for small flat rate is $6.70, of which ebay will take 80 cents and paypal will take another 34 cents. That means he is overcharging you 56 cents. If he chooses to go to the post office to buy the postage a delivery conformation (which is needed for any paypal seller protection) costs 35 cents. Now we’re down to an overcharge of 21 cents. If insurance is wanted that cost starts at $2.50. A buy it now listing costs 50 cents with a final value fee of 12%. Not really very profitable to sell a $2 item on ebay, especially if you have to buy your stock, factor in your time to post, wrap and transport.

        I’ll agree that shipping “should be no more than a few bucks”, but it is what it is. We may not like what it is, but that’s what it is. lol

        • pam kueber says

          ok, i’m hearing you. but also: Flat Rate is not necessarily the least expensive either… I think everyone’s point is: Don’t try to make money on the shipping, very off-putting to see $12.45 advertised for a $2 lightweight flat item…

          • says

            The way I look at it, he/she could have charged a lot more for the plates cause they are so cool & I would imagine hard to find in that condition (new). Plus, what’s the chances of finding enough of them to do a room one at a time. It’s all good!

          • says

            I agree with you on most points but if the seller ships it as he advertises he really isn’t making lots of money on the shipping. However, I think the more important question to ask is why ebay, which claims to care about shipping charges, now has decided they deserve to take a full commission on shipping in addition to what they already receive on the price an item sells and how can they expect a seller offering something for $2 to absorb that as the cost of doing business.

            This additional 12% ( 17% if you factor in Paypal) fee ebay has tagged on to shipping has to find it’s way to the consumer or you will no longer see low priced items on the site.

            • pam kueber says

              you have a good point. i will look online to see if ebay has answered this question… hey, also clearly, i think the seller of these switchplates is not planning to sell onesy-twoseys. He/she is going to sell multiples at a time…

              • Patty says

                I thik a lot of buyers also feel like they can complain no matter how good the seller does…more headaches and a chance that ebay will back up the buyer if he says the item was never delivered, etc. Tracking, shipping supplies (bubble wrap) it all costs money.

                The guy could probably make more money scrapping they plates as they are made of aluminum. Ebay is not for bargain shoppers. These are luxury items, not necessities.

  4. says

    Those switch plates are amazing! – but yeah, the shipping will rule me out. Could be worth it if you could buy a bunch at once and combine shipping. What’s the story with those shoes? With that price, I feel like I’m missing something. Should I be looking out for these babies at estate sales to resell? : )

  5. Susie says

    That is so funny, I just bought two of those “ice nudes” this weekend at my favorite flea market. I had never seen them before. $3!

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